Women and Work (2)

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Women and Work

Beca’s Cath Barr: When life gives you lemons

I was diagnosed with MS 5 years ago. Beca gave me the opportunity to remain in my current role with no changes other than more flexible hours & less...

From our Coaches

Stop assuming and start asking

Every day we make assumptions about people and their lives. We accept things as true without question or proof. But what if we consciously stopped...


Resilience is Learnable

Resilience, a word we all know but do we understand what it really means? Here Trusted Adviser, Facilitator and Coach Francine Paton shares her 3...

Diversity & Inclusion

Are we really still talking about this?

With so many of these gender role biases all around us, what can we do as individuals, as family members, as friends, as colleagues, as leaders, as...