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Connecting our Community: Meet Lisa

Lisa is a busy full time worker and mum to two busy boys aged 5 and 3 years old. She bravely admits she feels guilty being away from her kids and...

Return to Work

Connecting our Community: Meet Becky

Becky is mum to two very busy dancing daughters 12 y.o. Jessie and 10 y.o. Kate. She is a member of the FlexCommunity even though she runs her own...

From our Coaches

Today. Better Than Before.

For us here at FlexCareers, today marks an exciting moment in our company’s short history.


Why I joined FlexCareers

What FlexCareers is going to attempt to do – to change the way careers work - is SOO very overdue that I am pleased to be able to roll up my sleeves...


Meet our founders: An insiders perspective

If I know one thing I know this – that the really great companies have really good people behind them. Not perfect people, but genuinely good people...


The Future of Work

Our understanding of work is still hanging on to some old concepts. Rhonda Brighton-Hall, FlexCareers ChairWoman, explains what’s changing and why we...