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Return to Work


FlexCareers is excited to launch our newest campaign, partnering with SAP to source talented women looking to re-enter the workforce after a career...

Return to Work

Stand out from the crowd: CV writing tips

There seems to be a constant discussion around what a CV should look like. The look, feel and description are important and can make the difference...


Horses For Courses – My Return to Work Story

Is there a perfect recipe for success or do we just need to follow our hearts and give it a go? FlexCareers community member Betsy shares her Return...

Return to Work

Return to Work at Deloitte – Jane’s Story

Returning to work after several years away is challenging, without a doubt. To succeed we need support, and flexibility to manage the curveballs life...

Return to Work

Return to Work at Deloitte – Libby’s Story

In the second of our series of Return to Work reflections, FlexCareers talks to Libby Low, a mother of two who joined the Deloitte Return to Work...