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Flexible Working Day

WGEA – Managing Flexibility Requests

Flexible working is also our greatest, and most accessible opportunity to improve gender diversity in the workplace. FlexCareers is proud to partner...

Flexible Working Day

#FWDay2017 – Flexible Working at Z Energy

Today is Australia’s inaugural Flexible Working Day and a great time to have a conversation about why this is so important. What is flexibility?...

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Wholeness through mindfulness: #ownyourfuture

Follow these three simple steps, which if practiced daily will reap life changing benefits, reducing anxiety and stress and increasing your wellbeing.

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Getting to know FlexCoach Kate Wilkie

Take a minute to get to know Kate Wilkie, a specialist in Positive Psychology and Return to Work, helping women to to increase resilience to stress...

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Coaching – what is it?

It's time to put a stake in the ground to say once and for all what coaching is, and what it isn't

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Today. Better Than Before.

For us here at FlexCareers, today marks an exciting moment in our company’s short history.