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From our Coaches

Getting to know FlexCoach Rachel McInnes

In this series, we introduce you to our panel of FlexCoaches, each who offer a complimentary 30-minute chemistry session to our community.

Career Tips

4 Hacks to improve your productivity time

We can reframe the situation of our overloaded days to be opportunities, and use specific skills to manage and cope. Therefore, leaving us to get...

From our Coaches

Stop assuming and start asking

Every day we make assumptions about people and their lives. We accept things as true without question or proof. But what if we consciously stopped...

Diversity & Inclusion

Are we really still talking about this?

With so many of these gender role biases all around us, what can we do as individuals, as family members, as friends, as colleagues, as leaders, as...

From our Coaches

Getting to know FlexCoach Kathryn Donaldson

FlexCareers have a fantastic panel of professional coaches available to help our community. Meet Kathryn, passionate about helping people to unlock...