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Can You Utilise Intentional Recruitment In Your Hiring Strategy?

The Future Of Flexible Work.


Time and time again, the research shows that flexible working is crucial for attracting and retaining a gender diverse workforce.

In a recent FlexCareers poll that sentiment was reflected, with access to flexible work coming in significantly before dollars.

72% of respondents value flexibility over remuneration when thinking about their return to work, or next career move. *FlexCareers Candidate Survey 

Emerging Trends

As more candidates seek roles with purpose, we have seen emerging trends in hiring approaches that are moving beyond diversity, and are designed to actively create a place of belonging.

Savvy employers are utilising specialised technology to find the right fit, and leaning into leveraging hidden workforce strengths by recruiting a gender diverse workforce. 

We've also seen an increase in recognising efforts towards genuine change, with employers letting go of perfection but rather being transparent, taking steps towards progress, and celebrating the wins.

The Business Case For Flexibility 

Flexible working is widely recognised as a valuable approach to attract and retain employees of all ages and genders. And with parents working more than ever, it's a real need. [1]

More than ticking boxes, real flexibility gives mutual benefits to the progressive organisations that choose to leverage it.

Capable of fostering employee engagement and productivity, flexible work contributes to enhanced employee well-being and happiness.

Access to flexible working is strongly associated with unmissable outcomes, such as increased ability to attract and retain talent and greater representation of women in leadership roles [2]

What's more, organisations are getting future focused on what they are really looking for, who will fulfil their key roles and where they find that talent. Interested in getting all the insider knowledge? Let's delve into the trends.

Why is belonging so significant?

We're seeing more employers actively seeking a diverse workforce in efforts to signal to candidates they are serious about creating a place of belonging. [3]

Social belonging is a fundamental human need, hardwired into our DNA. And yet, 40% of people say that they feel isolated at work, and the result has been lower organisational commitment and engagement. 

If you are interested in ensuring your job advertisements are designed with diversity at the core find out more from our top 5 tips.



Be Where The Talent Is

Our employer partners know to find the right talent for the role they must purposefully seek the right fit by utilising specialised technology.

Our platform is the only one of its kind in the gender diversity and flexible working space. With a searchable database of talent and ATS functionality your open roles can be where the talent is.

Empower your talent acquisition team to attract the right people, drive talent attraction and enrich your workforce with our diversity and inclusion solutions.



Leveraging Hidden Strengths

A recent Harvard business review found that when rated on their business skills, women scored higher than men in most leadership skills.

Not only do women have the competency to lead, they also excel in taking initiative, acting with resilience, practicing self-development, driving for results, and displaying high integrity and honesty. [4]

Dynamic companies lean into the qualities you won't necessarily see listed on a resume and rely on gender diversity to unlock hidden strengths for their workforce. 




Just like green-washing, well-being washing and rainbow-washing. Savvy organisations believe there are no token gestures when it comes to flexible work.

Employers and employees want real flexibility and real results.

Yet the challenge remains how to convincingly demonstrate and communicate your offering with external talent.

FlexReady Certification recognises your efforts and proves your organisation means business.

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