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New Rules From WGEA: Are You Up To Date?

Gender Diversity Strategies At Your Finger Tips. With Our Expert Support.

There are new rules coming from the WGEA— are you up to date?

Gender Equality Indicators

From April 2024, large organisations (500 or more employees) will be required to have policies or strategies for each of the six gender equality indicators. These changes are being brought in to accelerate the progress being made against the six gender equality indicators, and encouraging action! Get key changes here.

Gender Equality Indicators

Why Is Gender Equality Important?

Multiple reasons, but valuable business case examples are:

  Overall Economic Performance

Linked with improved national productivity and economic growth, strategies to improve gender equity cannot be ignored— from a compliance perspective, and for the productivity perks!

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 Future Proofed Workforce

Our bespoke campaigns are designed to optimise workforce gender diversity— that's our purpose. We want the best for your people, and the future of the Australian workforce. When we collaborate with you, you get access to our candidate base (the biggest of its kind).

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 Staff Retention 

You worked hard to get them here, what do you have at your fingertips to keep them? FlexReady Certification helps you show your commitment to a proactive diversity ‘climate’ thus protecting against loss of specialist knowledge, productivity, and related costs.

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 EVP Perks!

Review your strategy to safeguard your ability to attract and retain high performing employees with your positive reputation for promoting gender equality. As our area of expertise, we can help you find the strategies you need. 

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How Can We Help?

We are specialists in diversity, flexibility, and future of work solutions across the entire employee lifecycle. We offer Australia’s and New Zealand’s largest marketplace for flexible job opportunities, as well as strategy consulting, coaching, branding and training solutions to address these needs.

Our team are passionate about gender equality and will work with you to guide you through our strategies trusted by our employer partners to achieve their gender diversity goals.

Flex Ready Certification

FlexReady Certification 

Not only has flexible work consistently been one of the top talent attraction drivers for most organisations in recent years, it's also a key enabler of diverse talent and a 'must-have' to underpin any serious organisational D&I strategy.

Yet the challenge remains how to convincingly demonstrate your strategy to external talent.

FlexReady Certification is a shout-it-off-the-rooftop display of your genuine commitment to workplace flexibility, meaning your people are assured a career with a real chance to achieve their work-life balance goals.

FlexReady Certification is a comprehensive framework to examine every aspect of the lived experience of flexibility at your organisation, aligned to a pre-defined set of certification pillars.

Leading employers who achieve Certification are demonstrating their organisation’s commitment to providing best practice flexible work arrangements, and offers recognition for your brand.

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Return To Work Programs

Bespoke Return To Work Programs 

Return to Work campaigns are a recruitment program offering permanent job opportunities with re-entry support for experienced professionals who’ve recently been on a career break or extended absence from work.

We work closely with Australia's leading flexible employers to design programs uniquely tailored to jobseekers who are looking to successfully transition back into the workforce.

We are an experienced partner in return to work program delivery. Our solution is tailored to suit each organisation, and supports both employees and leaders to ensure program success.

The program is an end-to-end solution to attract, hire, on-board & develop your target talent pool.

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