Flexible Working (7)

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The art of creating your work-life blend

When we bring our whole self to work and it is very difficult to separate all the elements of our lives and our persona, and can't help but bring our...


Domestic Warrior: CEO to stay-at-home dad

As FlexCommunity member Amy shares, promoting gender equality should be less about implementing strategies to directly enable women to take on more...


Part time career. Full time happiness.

As a mum who had been out of the workforce for a couple years, Natalie didn’t feel that it would be easy to find an employer who would give her a...


The journey from motherhood to working mum

Regardless of the challenges that motherhood or being a working mum has thrown at me, I feel more empowered than ever. It’s the feeling of...

Flexible Working

Working Parent Meal Planner

My first week back in the office after a 4 year maternity break was the same week I forgot to do the grocery shopping.


EEEK! – It’s a Career Gap!

All of these breaks in careers, are actually just life momentarily taking precedence over career. They all add something really cool to who we are,...