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How do you get the balance right? Support your people through parental leave.

The perfect time to set up for the future.

For mums and dads, taking parental leave can feel like a whirlwind of emotions, full of joyous moments and unexpected challenges. It's a time of transition and transformation with new and rewarding memories to be made.

Imagine: You've put a pause on your professional life while you adjust to your new arrival. You're trying to balance your new found family commitments in this highly emotive time of your life? And you're wondering how you're going to manage it all when it's time to go back to work.

How can you provide the support they need?

Good news is, you can access an opportunity to future proof your workforce by giving them the tools they need to manage their work and family balance— and making sure they know you care.

Navigating this new phase of life can be challenging but it needn't be with our parental leave/carer support programs. You can continue to be an employer of choice even when your employees are away from the workplace.

Our parental leave/carers support programs take the proactive approach:

Access to Expert Coaching

Working with an expert coach ensures that your employees have the tools to navigate this period in ways that help them hold on to their why, when the challenges of juggling it all might get in the way.

Our coaches can help create a personalised roadmap that takes into account goals, values, and evolving priorities. By doing so, potential obstacles are minimised and they build the foundation for a thriving life, now and for when they come back to work.




Be Prepared for an Overhaul 

That new arrival is about to bring an abrupt change to your employee's life!

Home and work dynamics shift, how will you keep them engaged and feeling supported to manage these changes and ultimately get back to work?

Our customisable resources, digital hub and expert coaches help your people actively craft a work-life balance that supports not only personal and professional aspirations, but also family needs when it's time to get back to work.

Career Coaching



It Isn't Always Easy

Parental leave isn't necessarily a holiday—there's new routines to master and challenges to overcome. Leaving a hard earned career behind, even for a period of months, isn't always easy. Plus the return to work may also have its challenges.

Parental leave support can help navigate the individual challenges as your employee aligns career needs with evolving life priorities.  Practical strategies ensure that the return to the work is as seamless as possible for long term success.

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A Sustainable Future

Setting your employees up for success early in the parental journey is a proactive measure to help when more challenging times of family and work pressures might build up. 

Having strategies and tools to manage a balanced approach to care giving responsibilities can create a more harmonious family life and a more sustainable approach to work.

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Take A Proactive Approach 

FlexCareer's Parental Leave/Carer Support programs provide the proactive approach to offering your employees the valuable support in finding the balance between caregiving responsibilities and thriving professional lives.

With recent research findings that 48% of working Australians report feeling overwhelmed in their daily lives, you are secure in the knowledge your company has taken the proactive approach to investing in your workforce for a sustainable future together. 


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