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How Do You Make The Impossible Happen? Belonging, Innovation And You— At CSIRO!

Work with talented people to solve the greatest challenges through innovative science and technology.

If you are looking for work with purpose, or to make a difference with your contribution, the flexible roles now on offer at CSIRO might be just what you are looking for.

Maybe science is your passion, or you aren’t at all a scientist, and you are looking for a support role. Rest assured your work at CSIRO is contributing to an important cause.

Science In Australia

As Australia's national science agency, they do exciting work that aims to solve the world’s biggest challenges through innovative science and technology.

Working with CSIRO is a global experience, with the opportunity to work amongst over 5500 experts based locally and internationally with vacancies currently available nationally across Australia.

And what’s more? This is exciting work, did you know that CSIRO are behind some of the most relied upon innovations? Think fast Wifi, Aerogard and the plastic Australian banknote.

The team at CSIRO were making progress on these innovations before you even knew you needed them!


Making a Difference — I’m Part Of Something Bigger

That’s why no matter what your role, you can contribute to the bigger picture, and you can rest easy knowing your work is important.

Although the agency may be dream job territory for many, there are many job streams that help keep the wheels turning behind the scenes, and are just as critical to the ground-breaking work CSIRO deliver.

And you can do it all flexibly, their ‘Balance’ program is designed to ensure your work-life balance is put first.

They have ‘mainstreamed’ flexibility to empower their workforce to shape their own working arrangements, leaving behind the one size fits all approach.

Design Your Work 

How You Work

  • job sharing opportunities 
  • return from long term leave program
  • knowledge that at any time, you can start a conversation about changing your working arrangements to support your role preferences, career direction and changes in your personal life
  • involvement in secondment opportunities such as Switch, spin-off companies and other ventures
  • access to phase to retirement scheme.
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When You Work 

  • flexible start and finish times (within core hours)
  • full-time and part-time options 
  • pay averaging over a reduced working year
  • leave options that support where you're at in life, including; time off in lieu (where applicable), miscellaneous leave, study leave, leave without pay to undertake personal or career development activities and more.
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Where You Work

  • working away from base – at home or remotely
  • working remotely from another CSIRO site while travelling
  • access to appropriate support to work remotely.
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Place Of Belonging

By committing to creating an open and safe space amongst their teams not only do they provide a sense of belonging at work, they open up the doors for innovation to flow.

They actively work hard to recruit their people to represent the diversity across society, and ensure that their people feel supported to do their best work, feel empowered, and let their ideas flourish.

Furthermore, they are working to tackle gender equity, particularly in the STEM field where women still hold far fewer leadership positions than men. Their work with Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) pilot, the Champions of Change Coalition (CCC) initiative, and Champion of the Women in STEM Decadal Science Plan they aim to address the gender gap in STEM for now, and in the future.

Only 16% of Australia’s STEM workforce are women, CSIRO are committed to addressing that gap by giving their workforce the tools that facilitate them to stay.  Bridging the gap may sound impossible, but as we know from CSIRO, they make the impossible happen.

So, if making the impossible happen sounds like you, search CSIRO’s open roles now. Imagine where it could take you. Use your curiosity to your advantage. CSIRO encourage you to talk about how one of their currently advertised roles could be flexible for you. 

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