How can flexible work benefit the whole family?

Celebrating family friendly policies this Fathers Day!

Access to flexible work can positively impact the whole family! Dads need flexible work too and the benefits of progressive and family friendly policies have been shown to benefit the wider organisation, not just those taking up the offer.

Creating Better Balance 

When more men are working on a flexible arrangement there is a mutual benefit for their partner to concentrate on their career too. This in turn offers organisations a greater balance of gender across their workforce

Fathers can be more present at home, share the care and share the experiences. Not only beneficial for bonding but also reducing gender stereotypes, when fathers are encouraged and supported in their care giving roles this promotes a more equitable future.

Cultural shift can lead to advancement of women in the workforce and pave the way for fairer pay practices thus reducing the gender pay gap.

This is the experience of DXC Technology's Joshua Choo and his wife as they juggle busy careers with family life.

As my wife works in the Dentistry sector, she has to go to work on-site daily.

As a father and someone who works from home, I have been able to take on the daily tasks of preparing food for the kids, taking them and picking them up from school and preparing dinner for the family.

Work flexibility allows me as a dad to be closer to my 3 daughters, and provides the opportunities for us to share our personal experiences, thoughts, and learn from each other.”

— Joshua Choo, DXC Technology

Working Towards Inclusivity

Flexible working is widely recognised as a valuable approach to attract and retain employees of all ages and genders. And with parents working more than ever it's a real need. (SMH, 2023)

With modern workplaces like DXC reflecting the communities they work in there is more room for belonging and a more inclusive place to work.

Adding flexibility to the workforce can help create a diverse workforce which can lead to unmissable benefits such as new perspectives, a wider talent pool, greater innovation, enhanced employee performance and increased profits. (Cultureamp, 2021)

Something DXC does well. 

Being Home More

Fathers day“I guess I use flexible working in this case work from home means I can help with the baby between calls or meetings or when the baby is crying.

Also, I get to see her more throughout the day and learn about her routines.

Working from home has allowed me to not miss on any of her milestones so far.” 

 — Muhammad Shoaib, DXC Technology


Flexible work options can also lead to enhanced well-being by putting you back to the drivers seat of your work life balance, particularly when a new baby comes home! And also contributes to positive role modelling demonstrating to the next generation that it is possible to balance family and work in a healthy way.

Work for a Flexible Employer 

Our employer partners champion flexible work arrangements and in doing so show their commitment to cultivating inclusive environments that unleash diverse talent, drive innovation, and enhance employee well-being.

DXC Technology's support for working parents propels everyone towards a more equitable and supportive future for their employees and working families.

If you'd like to jump in to the family friendly flexible work options at DXC technology you can, search all open roles and apply now.

Happy Father's Day to all the FlexDad's out there who are showing up for their kids and partners at home whilst they grow their career at work.

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