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Taking Today's Graduate From Flexible Learning to Flexible Working

Today's grads are looking for flexibility and DXC Technology delivers that and more.

In today's rapidly changing work landscape, the concept of flexibility has become a significant draw card for top talent across all generations. This includes new graduates planning for their future careers.  

No longer just a perk for working parents or those with care giving responsibility, flex is a game changer when attracting and retaining the brightest talent for organisations.

Flexible work arrangements, characterised by customisable schedules, remote work options, and autonomy in work-life balance, have gained increasing importance. New graduates are actively seeking flexible work and the advantages it provides them.

Shifting Work Landscapes

Most employees will report that the global pandemic has accelerated the adoption of flexible work arrangements, but for new graduates currently entering the job market this way of work is the norm.

They have already experienced remote study, building working relationships online, and mastered the ability to manage their own workload.

This cohort value flexibility and adaptability more than ever before.

The dynamics of the work landscape has progressed, and forward-thinking organisations must embrace this shift to attract top talent. No longer a nice to have, flexibility is a must have to keep competitive in the current market.

DXC Technology are ahead of the game

Our partner, DXC Technology understands the importance of a flexible work environment. Their team is able to work in a hybrid environment that acknowledges the importance of in-person collaboration while recognising that the determination of your work location will be based on a range of factors to ensure both individual preferences and operational requirements are met.

They have a "people first" philosophy which means they offer competitive remuneration, benefits, training, and career opportunities that reflect their commitment to improving the lives of their employees, and the communities in which they live and work

DXC Technology Graduate Program

The DXC Graduate Program is designed for talented, passionate graduates who are looking to join an agile world leader and are ready to use the power of technology to deliver mission-critical IT services that move the world. Their customers entrust them to deliver what matters most.

They believe every graduate is unique and their aim is to help you build a solid foundation in your professional career, apply your learnings, and discover new possibilities. 

If you are passionate about making a difference for your customers and society, this program is for you! Whether you are a tech enthusiast or someone who just wants to make an impact on people’s lives – join the DXC journey in shaping the future of tomorrow.


Throughout my time in the DXC grad program I have experienced exceptional mentorship and many career progression opportunities. With a great balance of young and seasoned professionals, the work culture is unmatched”

At DXC Technology, you have the opportunity to collaborate in an inspiring atmosphere alongside individuals who share your passion for their work


DXC Technology Australia and New Zealand has ranked #10 in The Australian Financial Review’s 2024 Top 100 Graduate Employer Awards in association with GradConnection and SEEK. They were also runner up in the Most Popular Technology Consulting Employer Award and Top 10 in Most Popular Business and Commerce Employer Award.

Those impressive accolades and DXC's commitment to people first make them an employer of choice for 2024 graduates. 

2025 Applications are open!

DXC Technology is where brilliant people embrace change, bring new perspectives and different ways of thinking! If this sounds like you, and you have any degree in any discipline – you are exactly who they are looking for.

Key qualities they look for in a graduates:

  • Excellent and effective communicator with attention to detail
  • Passionate combined with a 'can do' attitude
  • Desire to learn from others
  • To be proactive and take initiative
  • A team player who works well with different stakeholders
  • Not afraid to push boundaries and challenge the status quo

If you are a critical thinker with an innate level of curiosity, logic, adaptability, diversity of though and have a genuine desire to learn, DXC Technology are waiting for your application!

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