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Could this be a game changer? Discover how HCF are stepping forward with their enhanced parental leave inclusions!

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Creating a family-friendly workplace is a top priority for our employer partners, and we love sharing the good news stories of our progressive employers making real change. HCF is Australia’s largest not-for-profit health fund who focus on what matters. They put the health and wellbeing of their 1.8 million members first, and they are proud to share that vision with their employees.

As part of their ongoing commitment to support its employees and their families, HCF are setting the pace with their announcement of an enhanced Parental Leave Policy. A significant change is the increase in paid parental leave from 15 weeks to 18 weeks accessible from the first day an employee joins HCF— read on for more on how HCF is the pushing the boundaries on parental leave in Australia! 

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HCF“While our existing approach already had some real positives, we knew there was more we could do. These changes aim to bolster our employee experience, create a fairer and more flexible approach, and support more of our people through the different stages and challenges of parenthood.”

Angela Wilcox 
Chief Officer, People & Culture



Empowering Employees to Balance Career and Family Responsibilities

Finally, the new policy also introduces more flexibility around returning to work, making it easier for employees to transition back into their roles after taking time off to care for their families. HCF's enhanced Parental Leave Policy is a significant step towards creating a more inclusive and supportive workplace for all employees. By providing more benefits to more people, HCF is helping to ensure that its employees can take the time they need to care for their families while also continuing to build their careers. HCF are setting the pace by implementing such proactive and progressive policies, they send a clear message to current and prospective employees that they value work-life balance and support the diverse needs of their workforce. Furthermore, by leveraging such progressive policies, they can promote further workforce participation and career advancement for women!

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