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Impactful Engineering Careers at Ventia

Advance your engineering career, fulfil your family commitments, and look after what’s important to you.


Joining Ventia, one of the largest infrastructure providers in Australia and New Zealand, could be your next move to an impactful engineering career. Explore Opportunities

In an organisation where you are valued for your unique skills and experience, Ventia Engineering Services provides a flexible, supportive, and inclusive environment for you to flourish. Work from anywhere within Australia with a Ventia Office as your base. 

Diverse projects to keep you challenged

With essential projects that are diverse, and exciting, you can be assured you will be engaged and challenged in your work with Ventia Engineering Services team. You’ll be working across industries such as Defence, Oil & Gas, Energy, Resources & Mining, Power, Telecommunications, Infrastructure and Manufacturing. You’ll be connected with a supportive team of engineers working with clients across Australia and the Asia Pacific region to provide innovative expertise to deliver a full suite of services for the asset lifecycle, from concept design through to operation and end-of-life.

The beauty of this opportunity? You can work in a hybrid capacity allowing you to advance your engineering career as you fulfil your family commitments. Allowing you to make an impact no matter where the project is located, all while looking after what’s important to you.

Opportunities to suit you wherever you are in your engineering career

Your future at Ventia is an exciting one, working to contribute to stronger communities by making them safer and more sustainable. Ventia believe in their talented and engaged workforce who together bring their values to life to make a difference for the communities where we work.

Ventia values relationships and connections and there is room for your expertise wherever you are in your engineering career. There are currently multiple permanent Engineer positions available at junior and senior levels. Plus, with excellent internal training opportunities and opportunities for career advancement Ventia can propel your career pathway from Engineer to Senior to Lead to Principal. 

Women in engineering: we need you!

Women are one of the largest under-represented pools of talent in engineering. According to Engineers Australia's 2020 Professional Engineer Employment and Remuneration Report, women make up only 13% of the engineering workforce in Australia. Ventia are dedicated to not only providing the flexible working practise to support you in fulfilling your family and work commitments in synergy, but to see you thrive in your career.

This progressive organisation is committed to achieving gender balance in executive leadership by 2030. Their female participation strategy, championed by their Diversity and Inclusion working party, work to provide inclusive leadership and unconscious bias training to senior leaders. Plus with access to exciting leadership programs such as Ventia's Essential Leader Program and Ventia's Women Leading program, women learn to lean into their strengths, are encouraged to drive their own career progression and also allows important time for, connection, reflection and planning for their futures with the organisation.

“Ventia has so many opportunities like leadership development programs, they have really big targets and ambitions to get more women in the business, but also get women in leadership positions and senior leadership opportunities. A program like this is really important to get women more engaged and more involved in their own career paths, to give themselves more opportunities and progress their careers in different ways they might not have thought of before."

Laurence Rivard, Project Engineer Ventia Transport

How Ventia bring it all together

Ventia offers outstanding opportunities for engineers to work on diverse and challenging projects while being part of a supportive and inclusive organisation. With the flexibility to work from anywhere in Australia and a commitment to empowering you to achieve your work-life balance goals, Ventia provides an ideal environment for engineers to thrive in their careers. The company's dedication to achieving gender balance in executive leadership and promoting diversity and inclusion makes it an ideal place for female engineers and career progression.

By joining Ventia Engineering Services, you can make an impact in the community and contribute to creating a safer and more sustainable future. With numerous opportunities for career advancement and excellent internal training programs, your engineering journey can reach new heights at Ventia.



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