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Make a Difference as a Care and Custody Officer: Join Ventia now!

Your journey toward a fulfilling career in the justice sector starts here.

Are you seeking a new opportunity to make a positive impact on your community and develop valuable skills in a dynamic environment?

Ventia are currently seeking individuals with resilience, compassion, and empathy to join the team.

As a valued team member, you'll play an important role in creating a safe and secure environment for detainees in custody. 

Ready For A Fresh Start?

If you're considering a career change or looking to retrain, this role offers a unique opportunity.

Operating under an ongoing contract with the Department of Justice, Ventia provide fully funded training for a Certificate III in Correctional Services, accompanied by six weeks of paid training.

Upon successful completion (you'll have to commit to 12 months of study), you'll also receive an increased base rate, ensuring your dedication and hard work are rewarded.

How You Will Contribute

By joining the team, you'll contribute to reducing re-offence rates in the Australian justice system.

Your work will play a vital role in safeguarding the community through the safe and respectful management of detainees in custody.

With your empathetic approach you will ensure welfare needs are met while maintaining professionalism and respect, ensuring a fair and open-minded approach to those in our care.

What To Expect

No two days in this role are the same, offering a dynamic and diverse work experience. Your ability to manage conflict and communicate empathetically will be instrumental in:

  • Safely transporting and supervising detainees during critical activities.
  • Participating in court activities to meet security requirements.
  • Providing safety and security for persons in custody, staff, employees, and members of the public.
  • Conducting walking and mobile patrols of designated areas.
  • Supervising individuals in custody, escorting them to appointments or court appearances, and maintaining accurate records.

Is This Role Right For You?

If you possess a strong character, sound judgment, and can remain resilient in dynamic environments, this role is well-suited for you.

You'll act as a crucial role model for the people you work with, consistently demonstrating integrity, professionalism, respect, and care.

If you're passionate about contributing to the justice sector, and seeking a rewarding career, a career in Care and Custody might be calling your name.

Join Ventia in making a difference, opportunities across WA are open now!

Care and Custody Officer: Apply Now!


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