CSIRO – Impossible without you

By promoting flexibility, CSIRO is moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach to how, when, and where their people work.

CSIRO – Impossible without you


For nearly a century, CSIRO has been improving people’s lives with its science. Since it started as the Advisory Council of Science and Industry in 1916, CSIRO has advanced Australia with a range of inventions and innovations that have had a significant positive impact on people’s lives around the world.

These include fast Wi-Fi, polymer banknotes, the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, and Aerogard, to name a few.

CSIRO works with industry, government, and the research community to turn science into solutions to address Australia’s greatest challenges, including food security and quality, clean energy, and resources; health and wellbeing; resilient and valuable environments, innovative industries, and a secure Australia and region.

CSIRO – Impossible without you

Mission-driven science

From ending plastic waste and growing protein industries to building Australia’s hydrogen industry and protecting regional towns from drought, this is your opportunity to make an impact.

CSIRO is recruiting the next generation of inventors, innovators, researchers, and change-makers for their three-year program. You’ll be working as part of their mission to help solve Australia’s greatest challenges.

Your design thinking and desire to generate impact will drive creativity and innovation and evolve CSIRO’s approach to unlocking a better future for everyone.

CSIRO’s Missions are a rare opportunity for early career researchers in science and engineering to collaborate across disciplines, sectors, and systems to solve impossible problems.

“There has never been a more important time for partnership because now more than ever, we need big, visionary programs that shift the needle.” – Dr. Larry Marshall, CSIRO Chief Executive.

CSIRO is currently recruiting for five of its Missions:

  • Trusted agrifood exports

Help to grow the value of Australian food exports by $10b by 2030 through improving access to high-value markets, digitisation and automation of export compliance, and verifying product credentials like sustainability, welfare, safety, and origin.

  • Drought resilience

Contribute to reducing the impact of drought on Australian communities with science and technology-backed solutions for farmers and regions and underpin policy.

  • Ending plastic waste

Revolutionise packaging and waste systems through behaviour change incentives and waste innovation. You’ll be tackling the greatest plastic pollution challenges to change how we make, use, recycle and dispose of plastics.

  • Future protein

Work to enable sustainable animal protein production, plant protein for new markets, and novel protein production systems. Help grow existing industries and create new markets to help Australia capture high-growth global protein markets.

  • Hydrogen industry

Be part of building Australia’s clean hydrogen industry through delivering research, development, and demonstration partnerships to achieve the goal of ‘H2 under $ 2/kg’ hydrogen production cost.

CSIRO – Impossible without you

Flexibility is the key to balance

CSIRO knows how important it is for its team members to balance their work and personal lives. By promoting flexibility, CSIRO is moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach to how, when, and where their people work. This is done to enable each person to shape their working arrangements.

All team members have access to flexible working arrangements. As soon as you start working at CSIRO, you can discuss possibilities around:

How you work

  • job sharing opportunities
  • return from long term leave of the program
  • the knowledge that at any time, you can start a conversation about changing your working arrangements to support your role preferences, career direction, and changes in your personal life
  • involvement in secondment opportunities such as Switch, spin-off companies, and other ventures
  • access to phase to a retirement scheme.

When you work

  • flexible start and finish times (within core hours)
  • full-time and part-time options
  • pay averaging over a reduced working year
  • leave options that support where you’re at in life, including time off in lieu (where applicable), miscellaneous leave, study leave, leave without pay to undertake personal or career development activities, and more.

Where you work

  • working away from base – at home or remotely
  • working remotely from another CSIRO site while travelling
  • access to appropriate support to work remotely.

CSIRO – Impossible without you

Working at CSIRO

Many of CSIRO’s innovations were once considered impossible until someone like you joined CSIRO and made the impossible happen. Join Team CSIRO and help make the impossible possible. Learn more about CSIRO and find your next role here.


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