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Post-doctoral Opportunities For Women In STEM.

Currently seeking early career researchers for CSIRO's Science Digital initiative.

As one of the world's largest artificial intelligence and data science research and development teams, Data61 is the dedicated data and digital arm of CSIRO.

They are looking for talented people like you for their full-time flexible post-doctoral roles.

As a creative and agile early career researcher, you will work as part of a team to apply AI and digital technologies to real research, with the goal of accelerating scientific breakthroughs and help researchers achieve their best results. 

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Inspiring Female Leaders in STEM

Rosie Attwell's career transition went from contemporary art to joining CSIRO's world-leading robotics team.

Her colourful career path demonstrates the value of diverse skills and perspectives in STEM roles.

After exploring various industries, including contemporary art, banking, and startups, she found her transferrable skills were the perfect fit and now brings her innovative approach as a Technical Program Manager in the world-leading robotics team.


“In some of the more corporate environments I’ve worked in, you feel like you need to conceal who you are. The celebration of the individual and that celebration of being different at CSIRO is something truly special.”

— Rosie Attwell, 


As one of 11 women from a team of 58, Rosie is passionate about building diversity and inclusion within the STEM field.

Rosie runs monthly gatherings for female managers, scientists, and engineers in her team to connect and support each other.

Postdoctoral Opportunities with CSIRO's Science Digital 


Data61’s Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group (RASG) has a legacy of over 35 years within the global realm of Field Robotics and are recognised as world leaders.

Join the team to conduct cutting-edge research across various domains such as robot perception and learning, robot-world interaction and navigation in complex environments


Multiple Opportunities

These roles will deliver research projects and activities on topics including:

  • Developing and evolving novel AI (Machine Learning, Robotics, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision etc.) methods, including enabling techniques and algorithms, to enable new forms of scientific discovery
  • Creating AI algorithms and models to enhance scientific experimentation and testing
  • Researching and progressing Deep domain science driven AI methods

Machine Learning 

This is your opportunity to reinvigorate new Machine Learning methods for scientific discoveries and have your research directly impact real-world problems.

Some okey areas where you will play a pivotal role in enhancing our Machine Learning capabilities are within, but not limited to, representation learning, adaptive sampling, and reinforcement learning.


Software Engineering 

Seeking capability within software engineering, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data management and analytics, ethics, risk management, governance, blockchain or human-centered computing.

Ability to use software engineering methods in the context of Responsible AI or responsible technologies and experience in one of more of the following software engineering sub-fields:

-Software architecture and quality

-Requirements engineering

-Software development processes

-Empirical software engineering


Human Centred Computing

Human Centered Computing provides an opportunity for Science Digital to accelerate human creativity and knowledge discovery with collaborative intelligence, augmented Human-AI interactions, new forms of Immersive AI, new forms of product design, advances in UX techniques and methods for Science Digital developments etc. 

Would you love to be a part of that?


Natural Language Processing

You'll have 

  • Demonstrated experience in in conducting NLP research activities in a topic relevant to improving the process of scientific discovery. (note: other Science Digital roles exist which focus on other aspects of the research beyond NLP).
  • The ability to work effectively as part of a research team, development team or product team.
  • Experience in designing and assembling prototype software systems.
  • High level written and oral communication skills with the ability to represent the research team effectively internally and externally, including the presentation of research outcomes at national and international conferences.

Sound like you?



Talk About Impact 

This is a unique opportunity to seamlessly work across disciplinary boundaries and make an impact at a national scale with Data61. Get access to the largest group of digital technology researchers in Australia at the digital and data heart of Australia's national science agency - CSIRO.

You'll be using your expertise to solve Australia’s greatest data-driven challenges through innovative science and technology means you'll be working on interesting new research to drive impact. Do these roles resonate with you? Search now for these and many other interesting roles.

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