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Global Community and Career Growth at Concentrix!

The importance of community, connections and belonging for personal and professional growth.

As global leaders in end-to-end customer experience, Concentrix help the world's best brands deliver exceptional customer experience (CX).

Online, over the phone, in the cloud, and beyond. Wherever their customers are, they are. And they’re here for you with their flexible work options, hiring now!

Global teams making connections

Being connected to your global team has never been easier, empowering you to bring your passion for customer service to where they are needed most: to Concentrix’s gamut of global brands. 

But perhaps the best bit is the connections you can make along the way. There are several work patterns available to help to manage your work alongside your family commitments including flexi part-time shifts, school hours, work from home options, full time flex and more!

Kaye, Communications and Engagement Specialist, based in Victoria, tells us about the importance of community connections and relationships for personal and professional growth.

She explains how being part of a community has been a highlight for her career at Concentrix. It has helped her feel supported, motivated, and engaged with her team members enabling her to foster positive relationships even when in an online capacity as she connects with her global team virtually.


“I love hearing about what’s going on in the Philippines, in Canada, or even just the other side of Australia. There are always so many differences from what’s happening in your own hometown,” said Kaye.  

Your skills are in demand!

 With a vision to be the greatest customer engagement services company in the world, rich in diversity and talent, your unique set of skills and qualities are in demand. Along with the opportunity for paid training, these exciting opportunities could be the pathway to see you excel in your field.  

With your ability to take initiative to use your creative problem-solving skills to unravel a number of customer’s varied and diverse needs, you’ll enjoy engaging with our customers to provide the best solutions.

Working autonomously, and with the support of a wider team, you’ll have the opportunity to work in a global setting, all with flexible work options at the core.

Career Growth Opportunities

Concentrix know that their staff devote their careers to ensure that every customer relationship is an exceptional one.  In return, they are committed to creating the best place to grow a career.

Kaye’s career trajectory has seen her progress from advisor to team leader to quality analyst and acting operations manager before landing her now dream job, in Communications and Engagement.

There are various strategies for career growth, such as networking, upskilling, and taking on new challenges, all providing opportunity for growth and development.

Whether through formal training programs, mentorship, or on-the-job experience, this dynamic company encourages employees to take ownership of their career paths and motivates them to be proactive in pursuing their goals to a make impact!

Focus on belonging

For many years, social psychologists have researched the human desire for a sense of belonging. Their studies have revealed that experiencing a feeling of belonging is a crucial internal motivator that offers several advantages, including enhanced happiness, reduced stress, increased engagement, loyalty, and even a healthier life. (Kohll, 2018)

With a real sense of creating a culture of belonging, Concentrix bring together over 6 continents, 40+ countries, 70+ languages and 230 ethnicities. Their Culture of Belonging
Surveys inform the organiation of the key metrics needed to continuously refine their focus and commitment to creating an environment where all feel welcome. 

Are you ready to connect?

Concentrix offers exciting opportunities for individuals to grow their career in a dynamic, global setting. With flexible work options and a commitment to creating a culture of belonging, Concentrix provides a supportive and engaging environment for employees to excel in their field.

The importance of community connections and relationships for personal and professional growth is highlighted by employees like Kaye, who have been able to progress their careers through various avenues.

With Concentrix's focus on next level customer experience, it’s clear that their employees play a vital role in the company's success, and they are committed to providing them with an employee experience where they can thrive.

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