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8 Ways To Increase Equity For A Future Proofed Workforce

A Flexible Focus For An Equitable Future.

Interestingly, the benefits of flexible working practises have been found to apply to all employees and not just those who access flexible work arrangements [1] indicating that the option of flexible work provides a widespread appeal.

Employees across generations desire flexibility, and the most forward-thinking employers understand this.

Making the balance between work and life more realistic for employees is crucial for achieving female labour force participation. [2]

Groundbreaking initiatives we have seen year have included: enhanced parental and family leave policies, eliminating gender labels, and providing support programs for life/career transitions.

Future focused employers are prepared to provide the initiatives to sustain the ongoing needs of a workforce focused on sustainable change, thus giving them a competitive advantage.

Future Proof Your Workforce 

  Cater for employees that are more future focused. People are working longer, therefore are actively seeking sustainability to support them and keep momentum.

  Understand that flexibility is a multi-generational need. Grads entering the labour market want it as standard. Parents and caregivers need it to survive cost of living surges. Grandparents crave it to care for their beloved grandkids whilst staying employed, and contributing their much-needed expertise to the workforce.

 Work to reduce the Gender Pay Gap? Enhanced parental and family leave policies mean longer periods with paid time off and superannuation to become accustomed to new family demands and help reduce the gap.

  Introduce game changing 'no wait times' with paid parental policies accessible from the first day an employee joins.

 Support enhanced parental leave entitlements allow more families the support they need to return to work, inspiring future generations too. 

 Commit to increased sensitivity to the challenges in the parenting journey including leave for babies by birth, adoption, surrogacy, permanent kinship or foster care.

 Say goodbye to labels: gender-neutral policies without primary and secondary carers labels. Empowering the employee to divide their time to suit their family choices.

 Focus on education for periods of transition, such as support programs for parental leave or career transitions.

Support Through Parental Leave 

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