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Flexibility is for Blue Collar Workers Too: Ventia are forging the path with BlueScope

Experience shut down work with Ventia

Flexible work isn't just for office workers! 

There are a number ways for blue-collar workers to benefit from a flexible work offering. They could compress their hours into a 4 day work week, they could work part time, or they could choose their shift pattern.

Giving employees the opportunity to select when they work gives operational workers across a huge range of industries the chance to fit their work commitments to their personal lives. It means parents can plan their shifts around the school day and it can give workers the opportunity to pursue their own hobbies or interests outside of work. For employers, removing some of that push and pull between their employees personal and private lives can boost their commitment and attendance, and lead to productivity gains. 

Everyone wins when employees have agency over the hours they work. 

Ventia Gets It

Our partners at Ventia are forging their own way through flexibility for blue collar workers with their shutdown maintenance work with BlueScope at Port Kembla. 

Shutdown opportunities are an avenue of flexibility worth exploring for people that benefit from working in shorter bursts of commitment. They can jump onboard for a shut down for however many weeks are required and then take some time out before they take on the next opportunity. 

For instance, if a someone was out there living their dream on the road doing The Big Lap, they could book some shut down work whilst they are exploring the area. It's a great way to utilise their skills to finance the next leg of their journey. 

Even better, Ventia have a lot of different opportunities across the country, so there is the chance of picking up more work as you move around.

Want to Hang Around?

They love that too. 

Ventia have a true pathway from temporary to permanent work through the BlueScope contract.

For the last 20 years, they have been providing plant maintenance, engineering and project services, and a skilled workforce for numerous projects, as well as fabrication facilities. They have around 350 standing full time positions which can expand up to 650 during outages and shut down operations. 

If you are new to the industry, this is a great way to build up your experience and expertise with during shutdowns with a view to moving to a permanent opportunity. 

It's a great place to upskill your trade certificates too, with flexible hours being available to work around TAFE commitments. 

Does this sound like the opportunity you are looking for? Explore the open opportunities with Ventia today. 

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