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Building Belonging: Unforgettable Experiences as a RACQ Volunteer.

Giving back gives life changing experiences with RACQ foundations team

RACQ are a diverse and inclusive organisation that embraces the value of a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive workforce.

And they understand how the backgrounds, perspectives and life experiences of the communities that surround us can inspire their employees, help them innovate as a business and help them better serve RACQ members. 

Making Social Impact

The RACQ Foundations team have distributed more than $13 million to assist more than 400 Queensland community groups affected by natural disaster and drought.

Through its Community Grants program, RACQ Foundation gives community groups, charities and sporting clubs the opportunity to rebuild and provide much needed resources for repair to the vital community projects it supports.

Along with extensive employee benefits, RACQ team members are also entitled to a volunteer day, which encourages employees to volunteer to create a positive impact on society and local communities.

As a FlexReady certified employer, RACQ empowers employees to contribute their skills, time, and resources towards addressing social issues, supporting non-profits, or assisting in community development.

RACQs commitment to giving back shows that they walk the talk with their iconic true-blue status!

Team Building

Contact centre team member and volunteer Phillipa Hall shares her memorable experience on a recent two-week volunteer assignment, where the RACQ Foundation volunteers travelled to far north Queensland to carry out repairs and upgrades to facilities in the Aboriginal community of Yarrabah.

"Being part of the Foundation team and getting out to help the RACQ Volunteeringcommunity was something that I had been wanting to do since I started at RACQ and learnt about the work that the team does. When I found out that I was going to Yarrabah, I was over the moon. I couldn't wait to get out and help the community, meet the people from Yarrabah and make a difference in any way possible"

— RACQ volunteer Philippa Hill

Part of a group of 29 volunteers, including RACQ CEO David Carter, the team took their diverse skill sets to help with cleaning, gardening, and roofing, carpentry, mechanical, and maintenance work.

Concentrating their efforts on the RSL, Yarrabah Seahawks Rugby Leagues Club, SES and Women’s Elders’ Hub which comprise the heart and soul of the community for many.

When volunteers collaborate on these important causes, they nurture a sense of camaraderie that is often translated back into the workplace.

Working together towards a common cause has been shown to foster positive and supportive work culture while back at work, can boost morale, and workplace atmosphere. (Parnell, 2019)

Community Building

The team were overwhelmed by the warm reception they received from the Gunggandji and Yidinji people, and enjoyed learning from the insights about their community, their land, and their culture.

“Everyone had a story to tell about their history and where they came from. Each story was told with pride and passion. With each story I learnt more about the community of Yarrabah, the adversity the Yidinji people have faced, and what makes them who they are as a community”

As a volunteer you can gain access to knowledge and stories from individuals from diverse backgrounds, that you maybe wouldn’t usually be able to, thus fostering inclusivity and openness for many cultures.  

 “If you take anything from the experience and story I have shared, I hope that when you get an opportunity, listen to stories from our First Nations People. Listen with an open heart and open mind, but also take the chance to share your stories and help create a voice that is shared and inclusive of both our cultures.”

Personal Growth

Phillipa goes on to explain that she wasn't expecting the impact that the trip had on her. Even though she is well travelled and has met members of various communities, she recalls that she has never felt so welcomed as she did in Yarrabah. 

In the weeks prior to the trip, Phillipa took a call from a banking member called Hope, who was from Yarrabah, she spoke of how she had lived there her whole life and how beautiful it was.

Little did she know that she would cross paths with Hope just a few weeks later. When the team was invited to attend the Woman's Elders Group to help clean out and revamp their space— she was introduced to a beautiful lady sitting on the couch. It was Aunty Hope!

“Being able to then sit with the Aunties and Aunty Hope, and hear their stories, was an amazing learning experience. Spending time with the Women's Elders Group of Yarrabah was by far the most impactful experience I had while there. This group of amazing ladies play such an important part in the community. Their story telling and teachings help keep the emerging generations connected to their ancestors and the land they live on.”

Volunteering can be personally enriching and provide employees with a sense of personal growth and fulfilment. It offers opportunities to broaden perspectives, develop empathy, and gain a deeper understanding of societal challenges.

Phillipa’s account of her volunteer experience emphasises how volunteer work can contribute to an individual's overall well-being, happiness and how these experiences can make such an impact on a personal level and by building an inclusive organisational culture. Would you like to find out more about work at RACQ?

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