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Behind the Scenes with PepsiCo

Could you be the Quakers Oats Team Sales and Logistics Officer?

The sales and logistics department moves mountains for PepsiCo and plays a vital part in their bigger mission. Join the team that works together in ensuring finished products reach their intended destinations seamlessly.

Could you be the Quakers Oats Team's new Sales and Logistics Officer? You'll collaborate closely with the Supply Chain Supervisor to oversee the operational aspects of service and distribution for this global business.

This involves using your attention to detail to coordinate and schedule the loading of Finished Products for both domestic and export sales, as well as preparing all associated documentation.

We spoke with Service & Distribution Supervisor, Jenny Qu, who shared her insights into the intricacies of these busy roles responsible for shipping the iconic Quaker Oat products to export destination countries.  

A Day In The Life

Jenny explains what that’s like on a day-to-day basis which involves “the connection of production & warehouse, applying export documentation from the government, and making yearly/monthly forecasts and AOP." She uses her problem solving skills daily to ensure this precious cargo makes its destination, and onto breakfast plates all around the world.

With a career spanning 17 years in the shipping industry, Jenny brings a wealth of experience to the team. Drawing upon her previous management roles, she navigates the complex aspects of the job with confidence, and has a focus on resolving challenges and streamlining processes. Her current focus is on optimising the S & D department's workflow for greater efficiency.

Jenny explains that her love of learning new skills and the thrill of problem-solving drives her forward. Since joining PepsiCo she has had the opportunity to continually enhance her supply chain expertise within the sector.

Work As Part Of A Diverse And Inclusive Team

Jenny describes the organisational culture at PepsiCo as a diverse place to work which is helpful and tolerant. Jenny’s experience echo’s PepsiCo’s vision of being a progressive and people-focused business, that believe their diverse workforce is the key to their success.

And, because they value their employees and their families, PepsiCo offer an agile and flexible working environment with an emphasis on work-life balance and health, as well as plenty of learning opportunities and room to grow your career.

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Work in a Continuous Learning Environment

Even for an experienced logistics professional, Jenny reflects on the continuous learning environment she has experienced as part of the team.

“During a short time, I have learned many things in the manufacturing and supply chain sector which has helped me establish valuable skills in the domain of shipping logistics and production."

Given the ever-evolving nature of the industry, employees are encouraged to engage in ongoing training and development, which can enhance their skill set and career prospects.

Working in logistics helps to develop a valuable and diverse skill set, such as problem-solving, negotiation, project management, data analysis, and communication. All future focused skills that will benefit any career development path going forward.  

With Access To Flexibility ?

Working flexibly allows Jenny and her team to get their work done and manage outside commitments, “I can do my work in my pace, and it’s benefit to reduce work pressure," Jenny explains.

“We have a flexible work environment including flexible working times, working from home or the office, and many kinds of team activities."

PepsiCo is a leading example of the impact flexible work can make to the organisation and to the people who are behind getting some of the world’s most trusted and iconic brands direct to you.

If you’d love to be a part of that, and join an exciting business where employees are recognised, and career growth is nurtured. Apply for the exciting role of Sales and Logistics Officer now!

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