Computershare. A World of Potential

What makes Computershare stand out is our entrepreneurial spirit; it’s an integral part of our culture.


Since Computershare was established in Melbourne in 1978, we’ve expanded into markets around the world to become a global leader in financial administration. 

We have over 14,000 employees working across the globe in over 80 locations across more than 20 countries. Within our global business, you’ll find a world of potential, with new opportunities to grow and make an impact around every corner.

Computershare - A World of Potential


What makes Computershare stand out is our entrepreneurial spirit; it’s an integral part of our culture. We encourage our employees to stretch themselves, float new ideas and take on new challenges. We champion individual diversity and strive to ensure all our employees have an equal opportunity to contribute their ideas, bring their personality to their work and showcase their skills.

Computershare - A World of Potential


Since their onset as one of Australia’s first start-up technology companies, Computershare has believed in strength through diversity. “We believe that diversity is a vitally important source of strength for our company,” Computershare says. “The more we value and draw upon different perspectives, the better equipped we’ll be to solve the challenges of a constantly evolving business environment and to fulfill the expectations of our customers around the world.”

All Computershare employees undergo training on key diversity and inclusion topics, from spotting biases to hosting inclusive meetings. Their Women4Women network also hosts monthly webinars to help women across the globe boost their networks.

Computershare - A World of Potential

Additionally, Computershare’s Employee Resource Groups provide safe spaces for employee-led discussions on all types of topics pertaining to diversity, including diversity with regard to race and sexual identity.

The mission of their employee-led Black Leadership Group (BLG), for example, is to foster a more inclusive culture and increase the representation of Black professionals at Computershare through meaningful dialogue. “We are focused on helping our Black employees grow and develop their careers as leaders in our business by offering more opportunities for professional development, leadership, networking, training, mentorship and sponsorship,” the company explains.

Another group, Purple Pride, creates a safe space for internal discussion and support for Computershare’s LGBTQ+ staff and allies alike, helping to enhance representation across the company. “This group provides resources related to LGBTQ+ issues and supports the company’s inclusive practices to facilitate positive change, providing a platform to be heard, accepted and empowered in the workplace,”.

With plentiful benefits designed to promote a healthy work-life balance, encourage wellness and invest in employees’ futures, it’s no secret why the company is able to attract and retain top talent.


Computershare offers more than jobs — they offer careers. They know that looking after their greatest resource, their people, enables them to innovate and create long-term value.

Computershare - A World of Potential

There are numerous reasons for joining Computershare, with some of them being:

  • Comprehensive benefits

Your wellbeing and prosperity are important to Computershare. Their benefits are designed to promote a healthy work/life balance, encourage wellness and invest in your future.

  • A culture of collaboration

They greatly value teamwork as the best way to solve today’s business problems and create tomorrow’s products and services. They have an inclusive and supportive culture that also values and recognises outstanding individual contributions.

  • Flexible work

Computershare supports and encourages flexible working wherever they can to help you find the best balance between work and lifestyle. This might include flexible hours, remote working or paid volunteer leave.

Computershare - A World of Potential

  • Unlimited potential

Everyone at Computershare has the chance to grow and pursue career development and many of their leaders today started with them in junior positions. To assist your career journey Computershare has invested in comprehensive learning resources and provides ongoing support to encourage and spur you on, every step of the way.

  • Supporting their communities

Sustainability and Giving Back are a big part of their story. In 2021, we achieved carbon neutrality and we’re now finalising our ESG / NetZero programme; setting ourselves the ambitious global target to become NetZero before 2050. Our Change A Life charitable foundation makes a difference by raising funds for projects chosen through an employee vote.

Computershare - A World of Potential


Computershare is looking for talented professionals who can bring new ideas, challenge the status quo and develop systems to drive their next phase of growth. If you are looking for a career journey in financial services, one that could take you anywhere, then this could be your best first step. Learn more about Computershare and find your next role here.


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