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Meet Melissa from Eclipx Group – Flexibility in the workplace is key

Melissa George is an Employee Experience Lead at the Eclipx Group. I am motivated to work hard for our leaders to help get us there!

Who is Eclipx Group

Eclipx Group is an established leader in vehicle fleet leasing, fleet management and diversified financial services in Australia and New Zealand. The group helps consumers and businesses of all sizes access the funds they need to operate through fleet leasing, novated leasing, vehicle sales, commercial equipment finance and consumer motor vehicle finance solutions.

Meet Melissa from Eclipx Group - Flexibility in the workplace is key

We spoke to Melissa George is an Employee Experience Lead at the Eclipx Group. She oversees and influences the employee life cycle at every stage, from onboarding, exit, and everything in between. Her favourite part of her job is developing and maintaining relationships with internal and external stakeholders and ensuring that each employee is positively engaged with their role, their team, and the business.

While speaking to Melissa, she shared experience working at Eclipx Group:

How has Eclipx helped you in your career development?

Having previously worked in the travel sector, I was so fortunate to secure a role at Eclipx when it was so badly affected by the pandemic. ECX has helped me develop new skills in the P&C space and fostered my passion for people and their engagement whilst at work. I am so happy to have established myself in the P&C world and have ECX to thank for it.

How has your career grown since you started at Eclipx?

Apart from developing new skills in the P&C space, I was recently fortunate enough to participate in the “Multipliers” leadership training, which was externally facilitated. This training has provided me with new skills and perspectives in leadership that I will be able to utilise in moving forward.

What’s one valuable skill you’ve learnt at Eclipx?

Problem Solving: quite often in the past 12 months, we’ve had changes and challenges thrown at us, often at the last minute. However, I have learnt to accept these changes and to accommodate them by thinking outside the box when searching for solutions.

What advice would you give to others about navigating their career?

That you own your career and not be afraid of change. Instead of waiting for an opportunity, try and create one for yourself. Be proactive, NOT reactive.

Thinking back to when you started at Eclipx and where you are now, how have you changed since you began your journey with them?

My growth and change over the past 12 months since joining Eclipx has been exponential. I have developed as a person, as a professional and as a leader. I look forward to harnessing these new skills and enhancing the EXC employee experience even further as we look towards 2022 and beyond.

What’s one thing that makes you proud of working for Eclipx?

I love Eclipx because of how much we care about employees. I have seen first-hand how we have supported our people through a pandemic, with initiatives like virtual workouts for those stuck at home in a lockdown and access to a wonderful EAP service. Nothing about this past year has been easy, but EXC has given their people tools to be at their best.

Talk about their favourite employee benefit (flex working, discounts, etc.) and how they utilise it.

Being quite an active person and attending the gym, I really struggled last year when Melbourne went into a hard lockdown for nearly 4 months. Eclipx gave all employees access to virtual gym classes during this time. I can honestly say that these classes helped boost my mindset and my motivation through the monotony. It also goes without saying that I really do enjoy the flexible work arrangements we currently have in place, too.

What makes working at Eclipx special?

We are a medium-sized ASX- listed business where what you do you can really have an impact. There aren’t many businesses that offer opportunities like this.

What does work-life balance look like for you at Eclipx?

As a mother to two primary school-aged children, I love that I have the flexibility to be there for them when they need me. In addition, Eclipx really supports parents in being actively involved in the day-to-day life of their children: be it working from home, doing school pick up or drop off, or being able to attend a school function, I always feel supported in choosing my children first.

What makes you want to go the extra mile, above & beyond, in your work at Eclipx?

The leaders of the business and their vision for the future. There has been so much change over the past 18 months, and during this time, we have really established such a great culture amongst our people. I am excited for what the future can bring at ECX, and I am motivated to work hard for our leaders to help get us there!

Working at Eclipx Group

Eclipx Group is always looking for the brightest and best. Learn more about Eclipx Group and find your next role here.


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