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Two minutes with … Carina Parisella, ANZ Banking Group

We spent two minutes with Carina Parisella, Tech Initiatives Lead at ANZ and the driving force behind ANZ’s award-winning return-to-work program.

ANZ’s award-winning Return to Work program is centered on boosting the numbers of women in technology. The program targets women who’ve had a career break for over two years, providing a great opportunity for them to re-enter the workforce with meaningful roles that leverage their skills and experience.

ANZ partnered with FlexCareers to advertise the very first ANZ Return to Work program and the roles available on our platform. We also customised our online Return to Work portal for ANZ, offering the very best expert career coaching and training to help transition the new employees back into the workforce.

We spent two minutes with Carina Parisella, Tech Initiatives Lead at ANZ Banking Group and the driving force behind ANZ’s award-winning program.

Why did you approach FlexCareers to launch ANZ’s first ever RTW program?
Our colleagues in ANZ’s talent and culture space recommended FlexCareers as an opportunity to advertise flexible roles on their platform. It therefore made sense to leverage the FlexCareers platform to reach an audience actively looking for flexible work. We engaged FlexCareers to gain maximum exposure to the return to work talent we were looking for.

What have been the benefits of partnering with our team?
Partnering and aligning our brand with FlexCareers has really helped to showcase ANZ’s commitment to flexible working in the talent marketplace. We wanted to reach a sizeable talent pool and women in particular. In the end, a large number of our return to work program applications were sourced by FlexCareers which was a fantastic outcome for us and a great return on investment.

How engaged have your returnees been with our FlexCoaches?

The FlexCareers coaches are all extremely relatable and offer great career planning advice. We’re delighted to see how our returnees have already formed some valuable personal connections and their focus on personal development is also helping to building confidence. The feedback on the coaching program so far has been very positive.

Would you recommend FlexCareers to other organisations looking to tap into new RTW talent pools?
We would absolutely engage FlexCareers for our next return to work program to gain invaluable exposure to a vast network of talent. If you’re promoting flexible return to work opportunities within your company, partnering with FlexCareers is a no-brainer.

Thank you so much Carina!

Click here to find out more about ANZ’s Return to Work program or to apply in 2020, head to the ANZ website.


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