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Eclipx Group’s new parental leave policy: 16 weeks paid leave providing greater flexibility

Eclipx Group's Parental Leave policy offers 16 weeks paid parental leave for primary careers, regardless of gender and with no minimum tenure.

Eclipx Group’s new parental leave policy

Eclipx Group have launched their latest Parental Leave policy offering 16 weeks paid parental leave for primary careers, regardless of gender with no minimum tenure, including birth, adoption, and surrogacy. This gender-equal feature and their flexible working environment is driven by their values and dedication to support their employees. Additionally, the new policy offers secondary carers four weeks of paid leave within the first 12 months of a baby’s life.

We caught up with Eclipx Group CEO, Julian Russell to find out all the details.

Julian Russell is well versed with the constant juggle required to strike a good work-life balance. Father to four children aged five and 11, Julian uses the same flexibility afforded to all Eclipx team members. He relies on a great team and open communication to successfully meet the needs of his demanding role while also being present and spending quality time with his family.

When asked about the organisations’ decision to enhance the parental leave policy, Julian said: “Having a highly engaged team is critical to our service delivery and ultimately the success of our business. Becoming a parent is highly rewarding, but it can be very demanding. Providing our team with support such as extended parental leave and greater flexibility makes so much sense in terms of our culture and engagement. This support is critical in the context of attracting, retaining and developing our talent and team.

Tell us about your business, and what it is you do.

Eclipx Group is a leading provider of vehicle fleet leasing, fleet management and vehicle finance solutions in Australia and New Zealand. Operating under the brands FleetPartners, FleetPlus and FleetChoice, the Group helps businesses of all sizes finance and manage their vehicle fleets, as well as providing their employees with access to novated lease financing

Why is Eclipx Group committed to flexible work?

Eclipx Group recognises the value that each team member brings to the workplace through their unique experiences, values, backgrounds, and perspectives. This is reflected in our gender-equal and flexible working environment. Flexibility enables greater participation opportunities, more flexibility and better work-life balance, ultimately providing job enrichment and better career pathways.

What does flexible work look like at your business & with your people?

We demonstrate our commitment to workplace flexibility through our actions. One such example is the Eclipx Group Parental Leave policy, which offers 16 weeks paid parental leave for primary careers, regardless of gender and with no minimum tenure – inclusive of birth, adoption and surrogacy. Additionally, within the first 12 months of a baby’s life, four weeks of paid leave is available to secondary carers. The policy enables greater flexibility and opportunities for all new parents to share caring responsibilities, balance busy schedules, and improve the return to work options available to all parents wishing to pursue their careers

Eclipx Group's new parental leave policy: Then, now and why they're changing it up

How is flexible work good for your business and people? What difference does it make?

We recognise that success across our business is achieved by responding to the needs of our customers through high-quality service delivery. This is best accomplished when:

  • our people and leaders are engaged, and when they have the flexibility and scope to manage their responsibilities in ways that work for them and the business;
  • we attract and nurture top talent;
  • we retain valued, high performing team members; and,
  • we support team members returning from parental leave.

Team member engagement and well-being survey scores tell us that flexibility is highly valued by our team members and is a key contributor to overall engagement and well-being and we know that directly correlates to business performance.

What advice would you give other businesses of your size considering implementing flexible work for their team? 

The relative returns available from doing the simple things better are compelling. Offering employee flexibility, empowering teams and individuals to develop effective and flexible working arrangements and supporting those who need assistance ultimately lifts morale, productivity, individual performance and helps to deliver better business outcomes.

Eclipx Group's new parental leave policy: Then, now and why they're changing it up

Working at Eclipx Group

Eclipx Group are seeking individuals who thrive in changing environments and use creativity to solve problems. Find out more about Eclipx Group and their current opportunities here


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