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CommBank employees supported by teams and colleagues as they work through a pandemic

Working through a global pandemic has at times been difficult and challenging, but CommBank employees have done done so with amazing grace and enthusiasm.

Working through a global pandemic has at times been difficult and challenging, but CommBank employees have done done so with amazing grace and enthusiasm. Below, some employees share how they’re overcoming challenges and finding new opportunities with the support of great teams and colleagues.

“Our General Manager sets up a 15-minute check-in meeting every day with the whole team. We use these sessions to discuss our wellbeing and pressing work items, or to just catch up. It’s both ironic and great that we’ve spent more time communicating now than when we were in the office.”

Ximena Gellen, Senior Analyst Technology Risk, NSW

“I feel so lucky and grateful to be working with an amazing company that cares for both the team and our customers. As a concierge for one of our Sydney offices, we’re the first point of contact for employees and customers coming into the office, which means that we’re vulnerable and have contact with many people during the day. At the beginning of the pandemic we installed high-tech temperature scanners in all our main entrances, hand sanitizers and physical distancing signage.”

Staff can collect a mask from us to use on their commute home, which I think is a fantastic initiative. I feel safe to come to work.

Ricky Victor, Client Services Concierge Team Leader, NSW

“I feel extremely supported and grateful to work within our organisation. COVID-19 has not been an easy time for anyone, however the bank always makes sure staff are both physically and mentally safe. Face masks and hand sanitizers are regularly sent to branches, COVID-19 signs and instructions are sent out and updates have been provided on a regular basis. We have everything we need to protect ourselves so we feel safe and confident to help our customers in the branch.

“We’re also given complimentary membership to a wellness program that has really helped me to focus on my wellbeing. I’ve been conducting some small exercises with my team once or twice a week, also including other branches in the area via video conference. This is so much fun and helps spread positive vibes throughout the branch community.”

Niem Luu, Customer Service Manager, NSW

“First thing one Monday morning, I attended one of the online guided meditation sessions offered through our Employee Wellbeing portal. As I sat down to work, I thought to myself, ‘Why did I register for this at 8am on a Monday morning!?’ However, I quickly realised that it was just what I needed and a brilliant way to start the week.

“The facilitator was based on a lovely foreshore, but as she started the meditation, she stepped away from the video and just talked. All I could see was the lovely ocean and hear the birds. Looking at a view like that was just what I needed at the start of the week!”

Rebekah Norris, Executive Advisor to the Group General Counsel and Group Executive, Vic

“I moved from Sydney to Melbourne at the start of March to be closer to my family, not knowing what Melbourne had in store for me. Working here while being in lockdown and the rest of my team being in Sydney can be a lonely experience, but thankfully we have regular meetings, video skype calls and 1:1s with my manager. It’s also nice to know that the wider team are thinking of you, like our senior leaders sending emails and booking in video Skype sessions to check in.”

I’ve been very lucky to have such a supportive team and manager. I know I can pick up the phone anytime to talk to them whether I’m having a good or a bad day. It can be challenging to stay positive during these times but your greatest power is your perspective. Developing an attitude of gratitude and accepting the new normal, along with having a daily routine, is essential.

Aminah Thalib, Probity Co-ordinator, Vic

“For me, COVID-19 resulted in a job loss that was entirely unexpected. And even with my plethora of skills, finding a new role in this current climate is a daunting task. That said, every CommBank staff member I was in contact with during my virtual recruitment and on-boarding, made the experience exceptional.

“Clear and friendly communication was maintained throughout the entire process, with staff always making sure I was comfortable every step of the way. They even did everything in their power to get me up and running ahead of schedule, not only for my unemployment woes, but to hit the ground running with my new team and new tech at the ready. Thank you CommBank for such a great experience!”

Kiara Pacheco, Exec Support Analyst, End User Experience Operations, NSW

“I began working from home mid-March. Shortly after that we were asked to keep the kids home from school. We have four little boys under the age of 10, three of whom are in school. I’m not going to lie, juggling my work commitments with my family life wasn’t easy. I’d describe most days as chaos! But I felt very supported by my team. There was a focus on output, not hours worked.”

There were so many resources that helped me bring some calm and structure to that time – parent webinars, online employee groups for working parents and loads of educational resources. It meant so much knowing that CommBank understood the challenges I was facing.

Lauren Miller, Employer Brand Manager, NSW

“Who would have thought that the graduate program included learning how to cope through a global pandemic? My Graduate Program Manager has been a miracle worker, pivoting our masterclasses into virtual, engaging workshops to support us in dealing with this change.

“We know change is a constant, but the information has been empowering and enlightening given the current state of affairs. Right across the business, from my program manager, members of the leadership team and fellow grads, people have made themselves available for regular check-ins. I have not felt hesitant about reaching out for help, perspective or even just for a quick yarn about mundane activities like sitting in the sun for lunch.”

Helen Ly, Marketing Graduate, NSW

“The transition to working from home during COVID-19 was definitely an unexpected challenge! The thought of having to work from home in a call centre role was unimaginable at first, however the resilience and hard work of all those involved has definitely made the whole process a lot simpler and easier.

Through access to multiple articles on mental and physical wellbeing, CommBank has created an amazing platform that supports employees like me to be more productive in a home environment. It’s been amazing to be able to continue working from home, but the resilience shown by our frontline staff as they continue to help customers through these tough times has been tremendous to see.

Jefferson Mendonca, Customer Care Specialist, NSW 

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