FlexCareers welcomes ANZ

Today, ANZ joins FlexCareers’ network of flexible employers, and we couldn’t be more pleased. ANZ will be offering our community the opportunity to apply for a wide range of roles in multiple locations. From traditional banking to digital transformation and customer experience, the opportunities at ANZ are broad and exciting.

As a major employer across Australia and New Zealand, ANZ will be offering our community the opportunity to apply for a wide range of roles in multiple locations.  From traditional banking to digital transformation and customer experience, the opportunities at ANZ are broad and exciting.

Not only that, but ANZ also offers excellent flexible working arrangements, all underpinned by family-friendly policies and a visible commitment to improving gender balance, with programs and initiatives designed to advance and support women in the workplace.

So why the huge focus on flexibility?  It’s pretty simple, ANZ believes that flexibility benefits both the employees and the business; it attracts and retains the best talent, and it allows them to be agile to customer demands  equipped with diverse experiences and ideas that deliver significant competitive advantage.

In 2015, ANZ announced “All Roles Flex”, providing flexible working options for anyone, for any reason.  By partnering with FlexCareers, ANZ hopes to reach a broader talent pool and be able to start a conversation with candidates who would like to be provided with equal opportunities while taking advantage of flexible working arrangements.

More about flexible working at ANZ

So, what does working flexibility at ANZ look like?  ANZ understands that to be flexible, rigid work structures need to be a thing of the past, and their employees are free to work in the way that best suits them, allowing them to be at their most engaged and productive.  Here are just a few of the options available:

  • Flexible space and technology
  • Part time work, with a policy that allows full-time employees to preserve their right to a full-time role while working part-time. Alternatively, employees can work part-time on a permanent basis where the opportunity exists
  • Career extension for over 55’s
  • Career breaks
  • Personal leave options, including carer’s leave to provide care and support for family, lifestyle leave and study leave options
  • Job share
  • Flexible daily hours, and flexible start and finish times

Flexibility is a critical enabler of supporting parents returning to work after welcoming their new-borns. ANZ offers family-friendly policies available to both primary and secondary carers, including:

  • 12 weeks paid parental leave for the primary care-giver, irrespective of length of service or gender
  • Unpaid parental leave irrespective of length of service. Parental leave can be taken for up to 12 months after which employees may apply for an extension for up to an additional 12 months.
  • Nursing mothers’ facilities which provide working mothers with a private place to meet their child’s feeding needs.

Campaigning for gender equality

ANZ reports on performance against public targets twice a year through interim and full Corporate Sustainability Reviews.  ANZ’s Corporate Sustainability Review also highlights some of the key initiatives and programs that have been put in place to address gender balance, including:

  • Gender balanced recruitment practices: ensuring a gender-balanced interview shortlist for most roles, and that a female is interviewed for every role, and all that interview panels contain at least one woman.
  • Flexible working: all roles can be worked flexibly at ANZ, ensuring better productivity and service.
  • Notable Women: a program focused on strengthening the confidence and capability of senior female leaders to build their presence as experts in their chosen fields. This initiative has now been expanded to leaders deeper in the organisation.
  • Accelerating Banking Experiences for Women: a rotational program for female managers to develop broad-based banking careers.
  • Panel Pledge: CEO commitment to ensure gender balance is considered in all internal and external panels at speaking events.
  • Employee networks:grass roots networks that focus on gender balance issues and building the confidence of ANZ’s female workforce.

ANZ also created one of our favourite campaigns to raise awareness on Gender Equality in the workplace, #EqualFuture.  There is nothing as powerful as taking a step back and watching the world through the eyes of children to get some perspective!

We are looking forward to partnering with ANZ to bring our community some amazing job opportunities with a truly flexible, supporting employer.  To find out more about ANZ and to browse flexible roles available through FlexCareers click here.


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