Holmes Consulting has found a home with FlexCareers

Holmes Consulting has joined our ever-growing list of progressive employer partners and we are so excited. They live and breathe flexible working and know exactly what it takes to get the best performance out of their people - 'it’s all about making sure people have the right structure to have great lives at Holmes—and to produce their best work at the same time'.

Holmes Consulting has worked right across New Zealand and the world, delivering premium structural and civil solutions to thousands of landmark projects. With five offices in New Zealand, an office in the Netherlands and a sister company in the USA, Holmes has the horsepower and experience to handle the most challenging design projects anywhere in the world.

Holmes Consulting clients and project partners love working with them because Holmes consistently deliver what they promise. Holmes Consulting’s approach is inclusive, enjoying the energy and creativity of collaboration as much as they enjoy nutting out tough structural problems back at the office. They’re focused on engineering excellence.

At Holmes, they know life’s busy. Some people can’t work regular hours or take on a full week at the office. No problem! They’ve got plenty of people delivering great results part-time, and others with a flexible working arrangement that lets them balance work with life outside their job. For Holmes Consulting, it’s all about making sure people have the right structure to have great lives at Holmes — and to produce their best work at the same time.

Holmes support parents needing to scale back their days or leave early to taxi kids home from school, people taking a day off a fortnight to keep balance, and others just looking to throttle back a little. They’re also open to working from home sometimes to miss the traffic and make the most of the peace and quiet to crank out some brilliant work. Their view is there are plenty of great people who can’t lock into 9-5, five days a week, but still have an enormous amount to offer.

‘We know there’s a huge pool of very talented people who want or need to work flexibly. Right through our history, Holmes has encouraged flexible working, and we’ve built a collaborative culture that supports work/life balance. We’ve got people working flexibly at all levels of the organisation, and we’re always keen to hear from anyone interested in that kind of environment.’ Hamish Nevile, CEO

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