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FWDay2018: Holmes (NZ) make flexibility part of their DNA.

At Holmes, we know there’s a huge pool of talented people who want to work flexibly. We’ve already got plenty of them on our team, doing great work at all levels of the business. Find out more about how we make flexibility part of our DNA.


For more than six decades, Holmes Consulting has led the engineering industry in invention, creativity and quality. During that time we’ve worked right across New Zealand and the world, delivering premium structural and civil solutions to thousands of landmark projects. With five offices in New Zealand, an office in the Netherlands and a sister company in the USA, we’ve got the horsepower and experience to handle the most challenging design projects anywhere in the world.

We’re unfailingly curious, never cutting corners, but always seeking a better path. Our clients and project partners love working with us because we consistently deliver what we promise. We’ll work all hours to bring a new design to life—and we’ll celebrate with the best of them at the grand opening. Holmes Consulting’s approach is inclusive, enjoying the energy and creativity of collaboration as much as we enjoy nutting out tough structural problems back at the office. We’re focused on engineering excellence.


We’re creative design experts and problem solvers, helping our clients and partners bring their visions to life. We apply our proven knowledge and experience to projects of all shapes and sizes, from challenging landmark commercial developments to complex bridging projects – and everything in between. We’ve delivered many of New Zealand’s largest and most complex developments, as well as a huge number of projects internationally across the USA, Asia, Europe and beyond.


We’re bucking the stereotype of the reclusive engineer hiding out in an office – our vibrant culture is always open and responsive to creativity and big ideas. Around the design table, you’ll find our experts throwing great new concepts around, combining their unbridled passion for structures with our trademark attention to detail. It’s that great culture of creative collaboration that’s helped us become the benchmark for ground breaking, high quality engineering in the NZ market, with an ever-growing international reach.

When you work with us, you’ll find our creative buzz infectious. We love partnering with inspiring stakeholders, developers, architects and contractors, always bringing the Holmes Consulting intelligence and ingenuity we’ve built our name on. Our approach is communicative and responsive – you won’t find us staring at our feet and mumbling into our chests, and we’re unashamedly positive in the face of difficult engineering challenges.

Underpinning our culture of energy and enthusiasm, you’ll also notice a deep commitment to doing things right. Quality has been a cornerstone of our culture for nearly 60 years, and that focus has never wavered. We’re forever in pursuit of engineering perfection, but we balance that with the practicality and pragmatism real-life projects demand. When we’re on a project, you can trust the veracity of our thinking, and our ability to anticipate and design for potential challenges. Lyall Holmes set a high bar for quality all those years ago – and we’ve been steadily raising it ever since.


At Holmes, we know there’s a huge pool of talented people who want to work flexibly. We’ve already got plenty of them on our team, doing great work at all levels of the business:

Holmes partner with FlexCareers to find talented people that will love our inclusive, flexible culture and feel a sense of belonging.  You can browse flexible roles with Holmes here.


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