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Men’s Work? Not so for Dulux Supply Chain Graduate Carly Harvy

DuluxGroup are working with NAWO to encourage and support women in operations. We hear from Chemical Engineering graduate Carly Harvy on what it's like to work in supply chain and the advice she'd give to women looking at a career in a traditionally male-dominated industry. #IWD2018 #PressForProgress

DuluxGroup is a supporter and member of the National Association of Women in Operations (NAWO).  In 2017, they partnered with NAWO to host the first NAWO Knowledge Network, an event that brings together like-minded organisations that are designing and implementing strategies to develop female talent. Across the business, women at DuluxGroup are challenging gender stereotypes from the top, right down to graduate programs.

Meet Carly Harvy, a Dulux Supply Chain Graduate who originally started as an intern through NAWO in August 2017. At the time, Carly accepted an Engineering role in the DuluxGroup Graduate Program in Supply Chain. Fast forward 6 months, her current assignment sees her working on Supply Chain Process Improvements for Dulux AcraTex using her Chemical Engineering qualifications.

Carly Harvy - Dulux Group - FlexCareers

From her first meeting with the AcraTex team, Carly loved the inclusive environment. She has faced a few challenges when dealing with contractors, external to the business, that are more used to dealing with men but this has taught her to have more confidence in herself and the expertise she has. She knows her stuff and that got recognised pretty quickly!

Carly gets a real buzz out of her role, particularly when completing projects, seeing her work coming to life and impacting on the way others do their jobs. Ultimately Carly is interested in continuing to challenge and grow herself and through the DuluxGroup graduate program, she knows she will be presented with many opportunities. In the future she aspires to senior management roles, however, is happy now to spend time consolidating her credentials.

Carly’s advice to other women looking for opportunities in her field is give it a go, enjoy it and go with your passion. Don’t have any preconceptions on what you can achieve, and importantly – find the right company to be on that journey with.

There are a lot of things employers can do to support women going into more traditional “male roles”, such as encouraging internships, working with providers like NAWO, having a clear diversity agenda and normalising flexibility so that organisations can ask themselves “what’s possible?”.

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