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FlexCareers has partnered with Telstra to bring you some amazing career opportunities!!!

This new partnership will offer the FlexCareers community opportunities with Australia’s most iconic companies, almost limitless career pathways and a supporting and inclusive culture. When you join Telstra, you’ll be joining a family of 32,000 people, located right around Australia as well as in international locations.

Connect to a future created by you.

FlexCareers is excited to welcome Telstra to our network of flexible employers!

Our new partnership will offer the FlexCareers community opportunities with Australia’s most iconic companies, almost limitless career pathways and a supporting and inclusive culture.  When you join Telstra, you’ll be joining a family of 32,000 people, located right around Australia as well as in international locations.

Continuing a proud 100 year history of being technology optimists, Telstra are driving innovation that will benefit businesses and society in ways we could not have conceived even a few short years ago.  Essential to this is their continued commitment to creating a culture that is more diverse than ever before, that celebrates people’s individual differences and backgrounds, and for the experience that they bring to develop  greater problem-solving capability, better customer connection and increased morale.

So why work at Telstra?

Human connections are part of our DNA and Telstra believe that the more connected people are, the more opportunities they have.  Telstra is working hard to build connections, and to create a supportive, collaborative and inclusive culture, that embodies their five values:

  • Show you care
  • Better together
  • Trust each other to deliver
  • Make the complex simple
  • Find your courage

Flexibility and Choice

Telstra have been a leader in the flexible working space since 2013, when they first piloted “All Roles Flex”, a disruptive position around mainstreaming flexibility designed to increase productivity, boost employee engagement and leverage technology to support a new way of working.

Today, all roles flex means that Telstra is open to discussing flexibility, in some form, for all jobs. They understand of the importance of a balanced life and acknowledge that it’s not where you are, but what you do, that matters most.

Whether it’s children, ageing parents, sport or cultural commitments, study or a community interests, everyone has different needs and responsibilities which Telstra values. In adopting a broad definition of flexibility, at Telstra there are opportunities to work part-time, have flexibility in your working hours, job-share, access different types of personal leave, or work from different locations.

Growth opportunities

Telstra offers a variety and choice in employee career direction. There are opportunities to move up or across the organisation, through a diverse mix of business areas and jobs – and that means dynamic work on a global scale. Through leadership and development programs, employees can explore and accelerate their personal growth to achieve their career aspirations and be a part of something bigger. It’s about defining your own course and having the support to achieve it.

As a Telstra employee, you get to build your skills through a holistic approach to development including on-the-job experience, digital training, business partnering and opportunities to nurture professional relationships. With a personal career development plan, and identify learning courses that will help you succeed, the career of your dreams is possible.

Stimulating and challenging work

With Telstra at the heart of technological change, they are moving from a modern-day telecommunications company to a future-focused telco. If you enjoy being stretched and challenged and presented with a constant state of flux, finding new and better ways of working and ensuring that the customer experience is considered every step of the way, this could be the place for you.

 What does gender equality look like?

“Our success as a technology company depends on great people – people who are talented and determined to succeed. Treating people with respect and dignity, and valuing their backgrounds and experiences, is a part of who we are.”

Telstra gets it, they understand the benefits of equality and they have just been recognised by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency as an Employer of Choice for 2017-18. They embrace diversity in the workplace, in fact, they have a public commitment to ensuring that recruitment and interview shortlists include at least 50 percent female representation (or 25% in some specified roles where there is a widely acknowledged gender imbalance in the job market). That’s pretty awesome.

In regards to women, Telstra has created a workplace that’s supportive, challenging and flexible and where talented people can perform at their best. They recognise parts of the business are traditionally male-dominated areas, and so they work very hard to make sure that the culture is right and that talented women have the opportunity to shine. The implementation of specific policies about diversity, fairness and flexibility, and practices like mentoring create the right environment for women to succeed.  People managers have goals around the representation and retention of women – world-class tools, guidelines, tips, research, and support to help their people managers create a culture of inclusion every day.

To serve our customers and to be a great place to work, Telstra is, and must continue to be, a place for women too’.

As you can probably tell, we are just a little bit excited to welcome Telstra to the FlexCareers family! You can find out more about our partnership, and the career paths and jobs on offer on our Telstra employer page.  Jump on and have a look, the possibilities, are quite literally endless!


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