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Return to Work at Deloitte – Jane’s Story

Returning to work after several years away is challenging, without a doubt. To succeed we need support, and flexibility to manage the curveballs life throws at us and our family. The Deloitte Return to Work program is structured to facilitate this balance between work and life, promoting personal wellness whilst creating a professional impact. Take the leap and apply.

Jane Holt, Associate, Deloitte. Photograph: Paul Jeffers, Deloitte

In the third of our series of Return to Work reflections, FlexCareers hears from Jane Holt, an experienced IT professional who put a successful career in data and business intelligence on hold to raise a young family.

My Background

My background is information technology, specifically databases, database performance management, data warehousing and business intelligence. I worked primarily for vendors in pre-sales and product management roles.  The skills and experience I gained in that environment are very similar to those required in consulting, including the need for curiosity and creative thinking, identifying opportunity, stakeholder and relationship management, and project management.

Although I put my career on hold to have a family, during my time out of the IT industry I made an effort to keep my skills up to date, and to learn new ones.  I became certified in marketing, art and design, interior design, and training.  I also travelled to Colorado for 2.5 years to recruit staff for a summer camp business, and did ad-hoc consulting work for small businesses on customer engagement and marketing.

I believe the skills I gained during my career break, combined with IT experience, made me a great fit for Deloitte’s consulting team.

Why I applied to Deloitte’s Return to Work program

The return to work program offered an opportunity to return to work part time, at an appropriate professional level.  For people of my age and experience, this combination is hard to find in the marketplace.  There are few roles available, and applications are generally oversubscribed.

My interest in this program was sparked by an online advert, and the application and interview process convinced me that there was genuine recognition of the potential value of my experience to Deloitte, and a real desire to embrace the diversity that women returning to the workplace offer.

My experience so far

The Return to Work experience has been exciting, interesting and challenging.   I’ve been working on data and analytics strategy projects which is a great fit for my experience and I’ve found the work stimulating and purposeful.

I landed on my feet, with a team who have supported both me, and the program.  I feel very lucky to have gained one of the pilot places, and to have begun my Deloitte journey in the midst of the friendly, cohesive, smart, and funny Melbourne cohort – their support has been priceless.

The experience with Deloitte has been exactly as it was advertised, and is an excellent cultural fit for me.  The projects I have worked on so far have been engagements with potential to make real impact in health and the public service.

One of the biggest factors in my ability to be successful in the program, has been the Deloitte Work Agility program. Since commencing the program life has thrown a multitude of experiences at my family, that have been unexpected and difficult.  I have needed flexibility, and flexibility I have had – in spades.

If you’re wondering whether to apply, go for it! My experience couldn’t be less conventional, and yet I feel that I have found my professional home here at Deloitte. There’s every reason to think you might too.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to the team that created and supported the program, and have given us all a go. Deloitte’s commitment to diversity provided us with this opportunity, and I, and I’m sure the rest of the RTW crew, intend to continue doing our supporters proud.

Jane will be joining FlexCareers CEO, Natalie Goldman and Deloitte Senior Senior Manager People and Performance, Lacey Schulz for or a Live Q&A on the FlexCareers facebook page this coming Monday 27th November at 8pm AEST (5pm WA / 10pm NZ)

You can send your questions to: or you can jump online and speak to Lacey and Jane on Monday in the group chat.  Add the event to your Facebook calendar here.

About the Program

Deloitte was the first company in Australia to offer a structured Return to Work program designed to relaunch the careers of talented women, who have been out of the workforce for two or more years.

The 20-week program is a unique learning experience and with individually tailored training and support.  Deloitte will match you with a suitable mentor, and provide you with a career coach to help you rediscover your professional self, and navigate the many career paths and opportunities open to you at Deloitte.

In addition to the structured development program, you’ll have the opportunity to network with senior partners, and you’ll also have the existing cohort of returnees to lean on for guidance and support.

Offered on a 4-day a week basis in either Melbourne or Sydney, Deloitte’s Return to Work program is a proven and successful pathway to a leadership position in one of the world’s most highly regarded organisations. Please click here to browse available opportunities and apply.

Applications Close Dec 1st 

We can’t stress what an amazing opportunity this is.  Deloitte have a deep understanding of the barriers facing women returning to the workforce, and have developed a wonderful program that is there to fully support you on your journey.  It’s a big move.  A bold move.  And we encourage you to make it.

FlexCareers is here to help every step of the way. Please make full use of the huge library of coaching articles on the FlexCareers blog, join us for free career coaching on Monday nights and of course, please reach out to us with any questions.


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