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All I want for Mothers Day – A letter to my children

Take the guess work out of Mother's Day and print this letter for your children. Happy Mother's Day!

To my precious, beautiful, exhausting children,

Mother’s Day is just a few days away and no doubt your Dad is scrambling to come up with a suitable gift to show me just how much you darling children appreciate me. Tell Daddy I don’t want the Hunter boots I have been talking about, or the annual I-don’t-know-what-to-get-you massage voucher or even that set of beautiful earrings I pointed out a while back. To show me how much you really and truly love me, please grant me my 7 simple requests this Mother’s Day:

1. A sleep in. A real one. Like I used to enjoy before kids. I’d love to wake up when my body clock decides it should wake up and not to your charming little face (as lovely as it is) peering at me from the side of my bed or inside my bed because you crept in at ridiculous o’clock without me even knowing.

2. Normal voices. Yes, just talk in your normal everyday voice. Not too loud. Not too whiny. And not that baby voice. Just your beautiful normal voice.

3. An uninterrupted shower. I’d love to have the bathroom to myself for 10…or even 5 minutes and enjoy the warm water cascade over my head without having to answer questions that you just thought up when you heard the tap start. Or have to jump out in a hurry to attend to the high pitched scream coming from the lounge room.

4. A home cooked meal. One that I didn’t have to decide what it was going to be. Or go to the shops to buy the ingredients. And didn’t have to cook it.

5. A fight free day. Just for one day….ONE day, can I not play expert negotiator. Please watch the same TV channel, agree to have whatever colour cup you get, jump on the trampoline in peace and share your texta’s.

6. No rushing. I love asking you to put on your shoes and to clean your teeth but I only like saying it once! If you do it the first time maybe, just maybe, we will be able to walk out the house instead of running!

7. Cuddles and kisses. More than normal and with no reservations. Your embrace warms my heart and Mother’s Day wouldn’t be the same without lots of kisses and lots of cuddles.

Just fulfilling these 7 simple requests would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

All my love,

Your devoted mum

The precious, beautiful, exhausting children!


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