Why is everyone now talking about “quiet hiring”

...and what’s happened to “quiet quitting”?

While “quiet quitting” was certainly one of the dominant HR buzzwords in 2022, it seems that with a slightly cooling jobs market (at least in the tech sector), we are hearing about the emergence of this “quiet hiring” trend. What’s it all about?  

The idea was first put forward by Gartner in their annual list of predictions for future of work trends in 2023. According to the information available to them, the trend of "quiet quitting" in the workforce, where employees refuse to go above and beyond in their job roles, has led to the rise of "quiet hiring" in 2023.  

HR leaders are now utilising internal talent mobility, stretch and upskilling opportunities, and alternative approaches such as alumni networks and gig workers to acquire new skills and capabilities without adding new full-time employees. This shift towards flexible talent acquisition is aimed at meeting evolving organizational needs while maximizing the potential of current employees.  

According to Emily Rose McRae, Sr. Director of Research at Gartner,

“Quiet hiring is when an organisation acquires new skills without actually hiring new full-time employees.”

With the focus on upskilling and identifying internally transferrable skills, the L&D function within HR is best placed to add significant value to the business as a whole.

Quiet hiring can also be advantageous for employees, and there are steps that individuals can take to make the most of these opportunities.

  • If offered additional responsibilities or a new role, it's important to have a clear understanding of expectations to avoid burnout. It's essential to communicate with your manager and set up success metrics to track progress.
  • This could also be an opportunity to advocate for additional compensation, such as a pay raise or other benefits like flexible hours or additional time off.
  • To succeed in a new role, it's important to have access to the necessary training and support.
  • Taking on new assignments can also broaden your skillset and increase your value as an employee.
By taking a proactive approach, employees can benefit from quiet hiring and further their careers.

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