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Success for the Career Renewal Program at Origin.

"The talent that has entered our doors is exceptional, and it wouldn't have been possible without the dedicated efforts of the FlexCareers team!"

A return to work program is always an exciting time for the team at FlexCareers, not only are we gender diversity and flexible work specialists, we are truly passionate about supporting highly skilled candidates in making what can sometimes be the tender steps back into the workforce.

This can be a time of trepidation, excitement and often with a side of stress as you work seamlessly behind the scenes to keep all the plates spinning— we know because we’ve been there.

That’s why a return to work program can provide a progressive and vital step to support those who have had a break from the workforce. With the mutual benefit of accessing untapped talent that can truly transform your organisation resulting in quality hires for roles that needed filled yesterday! 

Although these programs are gaining momentum across a number of industries, FlexCareers are a trusted partner to walk your organisation through the process for the best success.

We recently caught up with Sharon Jones, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Origin about their most recent return to work success, the Career Renewal Program. We hope you enjoy our Q+A:

What was the need for a return to work program for Origin?

Origin Energy, as one of Australia's most committed employers to hiring a diverse workforce, engaged FlexCareers seeking a solution to effectively connect with their target market for branding and attraction purposes.

The campaign consisted of a targeted recruitment drive within the FlexCareers community, utilising targeted EDMs, social media posts, features on the FlexCareers blog with readership of 153,000+ and a feature in the FlexCareers International Women's Day webinar. 

Were the results received what you expected?9

"Through your invaluable support and partnership we were thrilled with the outstanding results achieved. The talent that has entered our doors is exceptional, and it wouldn't have been possible without the dedicated efforts of the FlexCareers team. Our incredibly talented cohort began their journey with Origin and they have sung plenty of praise for the recruitment campaign."

— Sharon Jones, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Origin

Was there anything that stood out to you through the process?

First and foremost, we would like to commend you for the exceptional quality of service and the significant effort FlexCareers provided to make this campaign a resounding success. We were blown away by the communication and support you provided. Your unwavering commitment to excellence truly shone through in every aspect of our collaboration. 

What was your opinion of the applicants that came through?

FlexCareers expertise and professionalism played a vital role in attracting the top-tier candidates we were looking for, and the campaign effectively promoted our company's vision and values to find the right fit. The way you meticulously crafted and executed the campaign, from the initial outreach to the comprehensive marketing emails and landing pages, was truly commendable. It is evident that your team possesses a deep understanding of our industry and knows how to connect with prospective candidates in a meaningful way. 

In your opinion, what made the program such a success for Origin?

Beyond the outstanding outcomes, we wanted to express our appreciation for the level of dedication and support provided throughout the entire process. Your team's responsiveness, flexibility, and willingness to go above and beyond (during a very tight timeline) to address our needs and preferences were truly remarkable.

8"We haven't seen a more expansive onboarding program than Origin Energy's Career Renewal program. It signals Origin's deep commitment to making the return to work successful for the new hires and their teams, they value this cohort and want to do everything they can to see them thrive."

Lucinda Crossley-Meates, Head of Client Solutions - Return to Work Specialist

Access highly skilled people in an untapped talent pool

The return to work program is for organisations who want to attract talent who have had a break from the workforce, enabling you to access a highly skilled untapped talent pool looking to transition back into the workplace.

Your bespoke program includes promotion of your initiative, your platform providing digital education, career coaching support, leader training and detailed reporting.

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