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Return to Work and a Mother's Mental Load.

How do you separate the everyday challenges that come with being a parent and being at work?

Monday morning comes round again in a flash. If you're anything like us, you aren't quite sure what to say when a fellow parent asks, ‘how was your weekend'? A blur of sports drop offs, birthday parties, maybe a late night emergency room visit? It got us thinking. How do you separate the everyday challenges that come with being a parent and being back at work? If you think you are the only one who is juggling dress up days with important client meetings. Let us reassure you - you’re not.

Are you a Parent or Carer looking to Return to Work?

Have you been up to your elbows in nappies, or the most adult conversation you’ve had is grabbing a coffee at the local coffee shop? It’s natural that you might be questioning your capabilities when it comes to ‘doing it all’. We want you to know that we are not undermining your skill set. We know what it takes to raise a young family and these skills are in demand! Think a flair for negotiation, communication skills, multitasking ability, organisational prowess and more. We also know how important your job is, and it's likely you don't have a 2iC or co-worker willing to pick up the slack. Good news - juggling parental responsibility and work commitments is achievable, and we’d like to share how.

Setting up for Success- no need to worry about the 9-to-5 with these Family Friendly Employers

Safeguard your return to work by choosing an employer that offers real flexible working options. FlexCareers are proud to represent our flexible and endorsed FlexReady certified employers who go through our rigorous FlexReady Certification to be front runners in workplace flexibility. By demonstrating a commitment to flexible working, you are safe in the knowledge your needs will be met and make the juggle of family life easier. What does that mean for you? You can work together for a more progressive, and productive world, while balancing family life.

FlexReady Employers

Mindful Moments - Make it Non-Negotiable

Being a working parent might mean you are looking for new and useful ways to incorporate mindful moments into your daily routine. This might be particularly important in the transition from mum to working mum. Mindfulness strategies don't have to mean signing up to an 8-week immersive meditation course. You can opt for simple strategies: a walk in nature, or some simple stretching exercises to break up your projects. Book your self-care strategy in your calendar, and make it a priority.

In addition to flexible working arrangements, FlexCareers partner, Sportsbet take well-being seriously. Their holistic approach covers emotional, physical and financial health. There's a confidential employee assistance program, and access to five weeks annual leave! Sportsbet are there to support your return to work with many options to prioritise wellbeing in the day-to-day.

Navigating a Successful Return to Work 

Applying for jobs when you are looking for a successful return to work process can be daunting and disheartening. Often the jobs you might apply for online are flooded with applications. When you take into account the time for customising your resume and cover letter for each it can seem like a chore. Return work programs with FlexCareers consider both the potential employee and the organisation you are applying to.

“Our initial discussions with candidates have been easier – we can discuss flexibility upfront as we know that it’s important to them,” explains an HR lead for Westpac. 

This helps to close the gap between what is expected of flexible work arrangements and what you need. Making the process smoother, for everyone.

Seeking Support on the Search 

Good news if you are ready to return to work or contemplating a new challenge after a career break. You can also access our FlexCoach team to get started on a positive pathway. Our expert coaches can offer specific coaching in resume preparation, interview coaching, and mastering your LinkedIn profile. They also offer practical life long skills such as confidence coaching or techniques to achieve a harmonised work life practice.

FlexCoach Team

Finally, if you are looking to return to work and wondering what the best way to go through the process is, remember you don't have to go it alone. Join our community on facebook, follow our updates on LinkedIn or dive right in to create a profile on FlexCareers to get our regular job reports matched to your industry and location straight to your inbox. Or if you're ready to dive right in search our open roles now with flexible options guaranteed!

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