Making Real Connection With TPG Telecom

With a culture that is centred around helping you be your absolute best, you are recognised for who you are, not just the job you perform.

Flexible working isn't one size fits all. At TPG Telecom, you are empowered to be your best, authentic versions of yourself.

Their specialism is building meaningful relationships to support their vibrant, connected communities— and that might just be you!

When you work with TPG Telecom you have freedom to:

  Bring your you to work 

 Discover real opportunities 

  Engage in work that matters

 Be stronger by connecting everyone

TPG believe it is because of their people that they are bolder and better together.

Let's Find Out How 


Work Life Balance with Shannon Riley

Flexible rostering gives Shannon a little more time for 'life'. Working from home can be challenging and a little isolating at times. Without being confined to a standard '9-5 desk' Shannon finds a little more 'me time'. From an earlier start and finish to fit in a long walk before the sun goes down or a later start and finish to make a morning Pilate class.

"My mum stays with me 2 nights a week and this flexibility means I can drop her at work, or we can go for coffee and my work will still be there waiting for me when I start. My role and leader enable me to flex and thrive with a mix of WFH and in the office, all on a time schedule that suits me and the business."

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Parental Leave for James Worrall 

An employee benefit with impact which was absolutely HUGE for James and family! "I recently took parental leave and was able to spend the most amazing time with my daughter. When I started my leave, she wasn't even rolling over, by the time I finished she was almost walking! Being able to be with her while she developed was so special."

Jame described it as mind-blowing and was lucky enough to be able to take his daughter to swimming lessons, baby sensory classes, daily walks and LOTS of playtime.

"Building the closest possible bond with my daughter is the most important thing in my life and being able to spend this time with her is such a great foundation for that relationship."

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Fulfilling ESG initiatives with Courtney Jessop, Liz Dickinson,
Carlee Ord, Bernadette Almeida

We recently used our Charity Leave at TPG Telecom to spent the day volunteering at the RSPCA Australia. It was an amazing opportunity to get a behind the scenes insight into the wonderful work the RSPCA do.

With a busy day full of animal welfare education, cleaning, working in the stockroom, sorting, and organising donated goods the team finished a rewarding day by walking some very cute puppies!

Not only is volunteer leave a great way to give back the community it's also a great way to connect with the team outside of work.

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A Sea Change for Mia Von Klein

After growing up in Sydney, living there through two long years of COVID lockdowns, Mia was seeking to switch up her surroundings and was particularly keen to explore a new city to live in.

"Fast forward and here I am in the Sunshine
State, living, working and thriving in Brisbane. I've always loved QLD and am looking forward to a new and exciting chapter in my life and the new experiences and friendships I will build here!"

Relocating to a new location with the the balance of remote working and being able to go into a new office has re-energised Mia.

" l've already noticed the massive
impact it's had on my wellbeing, happiness, and productivity. It's motivated me to get out and about more being  able to meet and connect
with other QLD-based colleagues who I haven't met before."

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We love this final thought:

What if you don’t meet every single requirement? TPG Telecom are ok with that. Studies have shown that women and those of underrepresented groups are less likely to apply for roles unless they meet every single criteria. TPG Telecom recognise that what may make you different, makes the difference!

They're all about enabling every individual to be their authentic selves and creating a place where everybody belongs. If you are excited about this role, but your experience doesn’t align perfectly with every qualification in the job description, they encourage you to apply regardless. You may just be the right candidate for this, or perhaps another exciting role!

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