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Danika's Story: Career Advancement at Computershare

Computershare is always on the lookout for focused, enthusiastic, and friendly people to join their team and have the chance to develop a career with them.

Computershare is always on the lookout for focused, enthusiastic, and friendly people to join their team and have the chance to develop and pursue a career with them. In fact, many of their leaders today started with them in junior positions.

Read Danika Henderson’s career story who joined Computershare in 2006 and with hard work and support from her managers she is now one of Computershare's Relationship Managers for Exchange Traded Funds with their Structured Products team.

Danika's Story

In December 2006, Danika unsuccessfully interviewed with Computershare's Issuer Services department for a meeting Services Coordinator role. Even though she didn’t secure that job, she accepted another interview offer and secured the role of Administrative Assistant to the Corporate Services Manager in January 2007.

Danika Henderson


‘’Never, ever give up. If you don’t get a role that you had your heart set on, instead of thinking of it as a failure, think of it as an opportunity that something greater may be just around the corner.’’


Danika continued to learn and grow in her role and stayed focused on her career development. A few months after joining Computershare, she got promoted to Executive Assistant for the Issuer Services Managing Director.

‘’When I was an Executive Assistant, I never felt like just a lowly support employee. But rather, I was encouraged as a valued part of the team – I always felt included and respected by the most senior of managers.’’

In August 2016, Danika decided to leave Computershare for a new opportunity elsewhere but quickly realised that not all workplaces are the same, so she rejoined them in September in a new role as a Client Relations Associate in the Structured Products team. She developed a strong internal network and continued to develop professionally. After almost a year in her position, Danika secured a new role as a Relationship Manager within their Structured Products team.

‘’ I thoroughly enjoy working I the front office space as a Relationship Manager. I have built solid relationships with my clients over the years and continue to strive to provide them with the best service possible. When they have successes, I feel like I’m also part of that success. Our Being Purple values are excellent and a great complement and reinforcement of my personal values. There have been many overlapping values that have helped pave the way to my success.’’

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