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Computershare are championing and supporting women!

Paving the Way for Progress

The research shows that flexible working offers numerous benefits for both employees and employers. For employees, it provides greater control over their work-life balance, allowing them to better manage personal commitments, caregiving responsibilities, and individual preferences. In turn, leading to increased job satisfaction, reduced stress levels, and improved overall well-being.

Flex Benefits

Similarly, employers also reap the rewards by attracting (and retaining) top talent, increasing employee engagement, and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace culture. What’s more, flexible working has been shown to enhance productivity, as it allows employees to work during their most productive hours and in environments where they can focus best.

In fact, we could even go on to say flexibility is critical for gender diversity because it’s a key way of accommodating people’s needs when they have other commitments, caregiving roles or additional interests to satisfy, alongside work. Computershare understand how important this link is. 

A Safe Space for Discussion

That’s why we love to share the good news stories of how organisations are doing it right.  We loved hearing about Computershare’s Women4Women resource group in Asia Pacific, an employee resource group to drive forward activities such as events and discussion sessions, as well as contributing to the overall diversity and inclusion agenda for the organisation.

As a group, we’re about championing and supporting women, but we’re also here to challenge and generate discussion within the organisation.  That’s a great thing about Computershare – this is an environment where I feel safe to challenge, speak up and call things out.  That’s so important for helping the business grow and improve. We have a platform for our voices to be heard.”

— Anna Macfarlane, Regional Operations Director


Allyship for Change

Allyship for women is essential in the industry and the employee resource group work to keep the communication lines open, generate discussion within the organisation, and in turn influence the stakeholders.Computershare 

“It’s about championing and supporting women and driving
discussions, such as some of the recent conversations we've had about allyship for women and challenging stakeholders internally. Contributing to something beyond the bounds of my role description and allowing me to help be a positive force within the organisation and to drive positive change gives me a lot of energy." 

In return, the work they do as a group has a broader reach than what Alison feels she would if she was only able to influence her immediate team. Helping raise awareness and keep the conversation going.

Furthermore, the events they run are open to all Computershare employees, not just women, again enhancing the message around allyship for women in the workplace. 

A World of Potential

With leaders like Anna, and the employee resource group Women 4 Women making strides in the organisation, you can be rest assured that Computershare are opening up the potential of many women in the industry and making a positive influence.  By championing women and the flexibility necessary in the modern world of work,   Computershare are accomplishing change in their industry, and making an impact on an individual level for their employees!

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