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Viva Energy Are Successfully Refuelling Careers— Apply Now!

How flexibility builds a more inclusive workplace and supports Australia’s elite female athletes.


One size does not fit all when it comes to flexible working, and that’s why Viva Energy are thinking out of the box with their approach to aviation operations

With their recent successful aviation trainee program, resulting in 17 fully trained female aircraft refuellers, they are championing flexibility to make these roles more inclusive.

The leading energy company work together to supply about a quarter of Australia’s fuel requirements, and are committed to inclusivity and flexibility, making a career with them easier even when you need flexibility to manage your life outside of work.

Viva Energy are driven by their people and rely on the bright minds, boundless energy, new perspectives and determination to propel them forward.

  Tackling Diversity

Viva Energy's recent aviation alumni included a group of elite athletes from the AFLW who need flexible work to allow them to undertake their demanding training schedules which ensure they are in peak physical condition when they take to the field.

This also allowed them to add a new set of skills to their repertoire with the six-month aviation training program, affording them the experience, licences, and certificates to see them succeed as a valuable part of the aviation refuelling business.

The program itself included a hybrid of on the job learning and competency-based training to afford the graduates with the tools they need to take to the field— but this time in aviation operations!

  A Focus on Safety

These roles are physically demanding, and safety isn’t taken lightly. The safety of the team is the number one priority and is discussed daily to ensure the appropriate strategies are in place.

Measures for safety include evaluations of refuelling equipment and processes, enabling early intervention and injury management, and implementing thorough functional capacity examinations as part of fit-to-work screening.

Viva energy are also helping all their employees to learn how to better use their bodies and prepare for work tasks with the Move 4 Life training program, just one of the forward thinking programs available to their teams as part of their on going commitment to health and well-being.

  Flexibility for the Win!

This program has not only provided rewarding career opportunity for the group, but also accommodated the unique needs of individuals such as elite athletes from the AFLW who need flexible work arrangements to balance their training schedules.

We applaud Viva Energy as they diversify their approach to operations to prioritise inclusivity and recognise the importance of adapting to the personal lives of their employees!

Through their efforts, Viva Energy sets an example for other organisations to follow, showing that flexibility, inclusivity, and innovation go hand in hand!

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Viva Energy Australia are committed to encouraging, supporting and enabling women to succeed in this traditionally male dominated industry. Making changes to equipment to ensure women also have the proper tools to do the job safely shows just one way that safety is the top priority at Viva Energy.

They believe in supporting their people through flexibility: whether that's balancing family, or if you’re an elite athlete!

What's more, experience is not required, the Viva Energy Aviation Trainee Program encourages candidates who don’t have any previous experience in the Aviation industry to apply.

Viva Energy aren't just focussed on gender diversity, but on supporting career progression for all women who join the airline refuelling space. Learn more about all current opportunities with Viva Energy.

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