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Diversity & Inclusion

Dial up your optimism for 2018

Have you ever met someone who seems to be buoyant with optimism and wish you were more like them? I have and it had left me feeling rather 'meh'. But...

Career Tips

5 quick questions to boost your wellbeing

Do you often pause at the words “delicious 4 ingredient recipe” or “healthy and quick meal”? I love the idea that we can do something that’s good for...

Career Tips

Get your mojo back and find your work tribe

FlexCoaches Debra Close and Kate Wilkie specialise in mothers. They help mothers to be more resilient, to rediscover their mojo and can help you to...

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Getting to know FlexCoach Kate Wilkie

Take a minute to get to know Kate Wilkie, a specialist in Positive Psychology and Return to Work, helping women to to increase resilience to stress...