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10 reasons to love working at Deloitte

10 reasons why you’ll love working at @DeloitteAustralia #LifeAtDeloitte

10 reasons to love working at Deloitte

1.      We’re not what you may think

We’re no longer your traditional accounting firm – we’ve moved far beyond our auditing and accounting roots.  We focus on everything from cyber security and virtual reality through to digital marketing and tech integration across a range of industries including healthcare, retail, transport and banking. Explore careers at Deloitte.

2.      Flexible working

DeloitteFlex allows you to design how and where you work, so that personal responsibilities and commitments outside of work such as; family, hobbies, study or caring for dependents, remain a priority. Learn more about DeloitteFlex.

Did you know: we offer 9 different ways you can flex!  

Making use of DeloitteFlex with an early morning swim

Making use of DeloitteFlex with an early morning swim

3.       New parental leave

We value you as more than just a working professional.  That means that your lifetime milestones such as starting a family, should be celebrated, not compromised! We want to lead the way on gender equality and make a real difference to the wellbeing and careers of our working parents. Read more about our Parental Leave.

Snapshot of our new inclusive parental policy:

  • 18 weeks paid parental leave for new parents
  • Flexible parental leave over three years to suit each family’s unique needs
  • Superannuation contributions continue during unpaid parental leave
Our DeloitteDads enjoying those moments that matter

Our DeloitteDads enjoying those moments that matter

4.      Make an impact

In everything we do, our one defining purpose is to make an impact that matters.  You will have the opportunity to work on purpose-led projects across a variety of industries that help make a difference to our people, clients and communities. Learn more about our purpose.

Some of our favourite projects:

  • Putting a dollar value on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Co-designing the digital and communications roadmap for the Invictus Games
  • Designing and deploying DeloitteASSIST, an AI-enabled voice solution that aims to enhance patient-nurse communications in hospitals and aged-care facilities.

5.      Volunteering

The Deloitte Foundation is an integral part of our culture, where you can explore volunteering, pro-bono and mentoring opportunities. Our annual Impact Day is a popular Deloitte tradition, providing time for our people including our CEO Richard Deutsch, to give back. Find out more about our responsible business.

Some of the rewarding ways we’ve supported our communities:

  • Packing hampers with hygiene essentials for domestic violence victims
  • Painting new classrooms at disadvantaged schools
  • Giving our best cuddles to rescued furry friends at animal shelters

Did you know: Deloitte received Silver in the best Pro Bono and Workplace Volunteering category of the 2018 Workplace Giving Excellence Awards.

Our CEO Richard Deutsch and @bigissueaustralia

Our CEO Richard Deutsch and @bigissueaustralia

6.      Diverse career paths

You are the driver of where you want to go in your career here at Deloitte. Our people each have a personal career coach, to guide, inspire and empower them to create pathways which will take them up and across Deloitte.  View our benefits.

7.      Be yourself

It’s our similarities as much as our unique differences that make Deloitte one of the best places to work.  We encourage you to think creatively, be innovative with your ideas, to push boundaries and to challenge the status-quo. Read more here

We value our people

We value our people

8.      Global opportunities

Have you ever wanted to work in another part of Australia or overseas? Here at Deloitte, we provide you with the chance to travel the world, learn new cultures and broaden your skills, knowledge and expertise, whilst working on projects with our other member firms.

9.      Unique office spaces

Our offices are filled with dedicated spaces for collaboration to enable connectivity, flexibility and mindfulness.  With impressive panoramic views of city skylines and iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, coupled with unique pieces of Australian art, some of which are designed by our talented people, we feel confident that our office spaces are truly special. Explore our office locations.

10.      Health & wellbeing

We support your physical, mental, spiritual, financial and social wellbeing, so that you can bring your best self to work.  A range of interactive workshops, fun initiatives and exclusive Deloitte discounts help support, encourage and engage our people to take time out of their day to benefit.

Did you know: Our national 10k daily step challenge saw Deloitte step the equivalent distance of 40 trips around the Earth!

Our people taking time out of their day

Our people taking time out of their day

Interested in working at Deloitte? Check out their available roles here.
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