FlexCareers welcomes powerhouse duo from LinkedIn

In June, a marketing and sales duo from LinkedIn joined our team, and we couldn't be happier to have them here.

In June, a marketing and sales duo from LinkedIn joined our team, and we couldn’t be happier to have them here. We wanted to introduce them to our community and let you get to know them better, as both Elle and Georgie have worked together previously and will be doing amazing things with and for our employer partners.

Who are they?

Elle Green, Head of Brand and Marketing at FlexCareers – Elle worked at LinkedIn in partnership with some of the world’s most well-known brands. She’ll be working hard to make our employer partners have a truly compelling brand marketing proposition around flex, as well as helping the #flexfamily build our trusted reputation.

Georgiana Williams, Senior Client Manager at FlexCareers – Georgiana partnered with Elle at LinkedIn as global client executive, and will be one of the first points of contact for employer partners at FlexCareers.

Who joined FlexCareers first?

Elle: Me.

Georgiana: Elle

Elle: It took me a year to actually join FlexCareers. It was a massive leap of faith and although my heart said it was right, I wasn’t quite ready for the leap. Georgie and I talked a lot about the opportunity, and she kept saying it was perfect for me, so when I finally joined, she was my very first referral!

Elle Green Georgiana Williams FlexCareers

What has been the highlight of your career journey to date?

Elle:  From an organisation perspective, I would actually have to say LinkedIn. Professionally, working with truly global organisations on their talent strategies gave me incredible insight and knowledge to what successful business models should (or shouldn’t, sometimes) look like.

Additionally, I got know the great talent behind the helm and having that peek into the downstream activities, challenges and regional nuances was incredibly valuable.

On a personal note, dancing in Pacha in Macau at 2am like I was 18 again, on my birthday last year with a bunch of my favourite LinkedIn peeps was pretty epic to say the least!

From a project perspective, the work I did for the Department of Human Services to recruit Child Protection Practitioners was singular the most rewarding time of my career.  It reminded me that we all have a responsibility to help others to the best of our abilities. I take my hat off to all social workers out there.

Being a mother.

Georgiana: In my global role at LinkedIn I partnered with clients helping them identify through data and analytics the skill sets they required for the future. It was a very rewarding experience, particularly my introduction into how useful analytics could be in shaping an organisations workforce. Working at LinkedIn and having access to that sort of data in terms of how the global workforce is shifting re: skills was eye opening.

Elle Green Head of Brand and Marketing FlexCareers

Best career tip you’ve ever been given?

Elle: Bring your authentic self to work.

Georgiana: Don’t presume, always ask.

Why did you join FlexCareers?

Elle: Three simple reasons:

  1. After I had my son, I struggled as many parents do to live life to the fullest. Between a demanding job, my travel, a husband that travelled, being a wife, a mother and a female leader I forgot about one very important thing: Me. I want to create a future where women don’t have to get to that point because they have some kind of balance in their lives, whenever they need it.
  2. I would say 80% of my conversations with organisations were about the workforce of the future and how to attract them. Flexibility and inclusion were a hot topics and people were finding it hard to implement it well. I wanted to be a part of creating a world where flexibility is accessible to anyone and to prove that it drives positive business outcomes.
  3. I had got to a point of my career where I wanted to feel fulfilled in my day to day work. I may not be a brain surgeon, but I can have a positive impact on people’s lives through the way they work.

Georgiana: Whilst meeting with global HR leaders I noticed a common thread or pain point amongst them – how competitive it had become for sought after skills in the corporate workforce. Most companies had been set global targets and were looking for innovative strategies to improve the skills shortage. The majority of those solutions incorporated improving diversity. At FlexCareers it’s all we focus on, helping companies improve diversity not only demographically but diversity of skills also and it’s all done through enabling flexibility. As a mum of twin 3-year-old boys and an 8-year-old girl, working with companies and changing the way careers work is very close to my heart.

What do you love most about your role?

Elle: The awesome team here of course! Working for a business with purpose is incredible for having a team of passionate people at the helm. It inspires me to be the best professional I can be, to achieve a common goal. (Really, I promise!)

Georgiana: I get energy from meeting people, so I love visiting my clients and hearing about the innovative programmes they are working on. There is always something new and something to learn.

If you could be anything, what would you be?

Elle: A professional dancer. Never going to happen (unless on said dancefloor at 2am).

Georgiana: I loved science as a kid, my favourite movie was Space Camp, so I would have to say an Astronaut.

Georgiana Williams Senio Client Manager FlexCareers

Rapid fire:

Favourite time of day?

Elle: Morning. 8am with a coffee in hand on a sunny day. 10pm at night in bed with the electric blanket on if it’s cold.

Georgiana: Evenings once all three kids are in bed (is that bad?)

Favourite way to relax at the end of the week?

Elle: Dinner and wine with my favourite people.

Georgiana: Bath

Favourite lunch spot?

Elle: Bar Pho. Incidentally started by an amazing friend of mine and female entrepreneur.

Georgiana: Bar Pho. Elle and I go on a lunch date there once a week!

You can find Elle and Georgie on LinkedIn.


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