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Stay in the moment: Reach Your Goals

Goal setting is easier than you think with these handy tips from our coaches. Meet your new goal in no time and bring more inspiration to your life.

Ready for an awesome 2019?

You can take ownership for making it happen by taking control of what you have influence over and taking the lead in where you spend your time and energy.

First, it is about setting those achievable but challenging goals that make clear what changes you want to make, what you would like to learn and where you want to head in your career or life.

Once the goal is set, it is about defining actions – the steps that will get you there, committing the time to take them and believing in yourself that you can succeed. In the wise words of Mark Twain – “The secret to change is one step at a time”.

How do I know what my goals are?

A great starting place is to ask yourself “Where do I want to be next year?”.

Consider the different aspects of your life, for example, family, career, health, finances. There may be an area that is frustrating you – calling out for change, something that feels out of alignment, or an opportunity that excites you.

How do I write out my goal?

Don’t get stuck on getting it perfect – once you know what area you want to change write it down. Putting it in a positive frame is important, you are more likely to succeed if you focus on the outcome you want rather than what you don’t want.

For example ‘By 2020 I don’t want to be unhappy at work everyday’ compared to ‘By 2020 I will be in a role that uses my strengths and aligns with my purpose’. See the difference?

People who vividly describe or picture their goals are anywhere from 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to successfully accomplish their goals. Describing what the goal means, even drawing it, helps to clarify the goal and keep you focused.

How many actions do I need to have?

It is about taking action that is most important. Each action will lead to further learnings, which will help you be aware of what you need to do next. With every action completed, you will build your confidence to take more – and shape your thinking around your goal.

Taking time each month to reflect on your progress so far will also help the learning process and goal attainment.

Can I change my goal?

Yes – as you learn along the way, you may pivot slightly on your goal or decide to head in another direction. This is success in itself as you have progressed on the path and stayed open to new ideas and opportunities. However, make sure you check in with yourself first – are you doing this because of deciding it is the right thing for you, or are fears and other limiting beliefs getting in your way?

If this is the case, reframe your thinking, and focus on the action you can take today to keep going. Consider also reading inspirational stories and spending time with positive people who inspire and support you – to help keep you motivated and believing you can achieve your goals. Because you can!

Ready to get started? Follow this handy template Goal Planning Sheet.

About Casey

Casey is a warm and engaging career and leadership coach with strong experience empowering clients to realise a career that works for them, fulfil their potential and overcome limiting beliefs which are getting in the way. Casey has a passion for helping clients achieve a career where they feel engaged and fulfilled and are empowered to be their whole authentic selves in work and life.

Casey’s key value drivers are making a difference, equity and family. Her coaching, consulting and leadership experience includes working with individuals and organisations within the financial services, information technology, tourism, higher education and government sectors.

Casey is a member of the International Coaching Federation and a Certified Organisational Coach (Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership).

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