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Yes Flex – on FWDay2018 FlexCareers looks at how Aurecon has embraced flexibility that’s inclusive for all.

Yes Flex is Aurecon’s approach to flexible working which empowers employees to embrace flexibility by nominating their start and end times across their working week; without the need to give reasons for the flexibility nor seek permission to do so.

Ellie Hubbard, Senior Electrical Engineer said, “When Yes Flex came out, it really appealed to me because I had felt previously like flexibility was the preserve of those with children. The policy made me feel as though my life outside of work was as important as others with kids and, to me, it signified enhanced work life balance available to all staff regardless of life stage.

I was in a regular routine of going to gym before work and I would always rush in order to be at work ‘on time’. Now, I am free to stay later in order to prioritise my health and fitness. I have the option and ability to prioritise my health and make up hours without being questioned for doing so.

I feel the policy has helps build trust between Aurecon and its employees – investing them with the ability to prioritise what is important to them – whatever that may be.”

Evelyne Storey: a line manager shares the importance of ‘role modelling’ Yes Flex…

Yes Flex is Aurecon’s approach to working hours which empowers employees to embrace flexible daily start and end times across their working week. The idea is that 100% of roles are 100% flexible. In 2017 we focused on promoting and embedding it in our business through engaging with line management to role model and support flexible work. Before this, I put my hand up as a team leader to be an early adopter of Yes Flex across our team in Brisbane – offering to ‘pilot’ this approach before broader roll-out.

As a leader, I have made an effort to role-model the use of the policy. I’ll often leave work ‘early’ on a Tuesday to pick my daughter up for after-school commitments and, in this way, demonstrate my personal support for and belief in the policy.

Across our team, we have a wide variety of users. Some people work a condensed work week while others work from home for some of their hours or work longer or shorter days to suit their personal family commitment. People also shift their start times forward or earlier for travel convenience and to avoid traffic. The policy has given users more options when it comes to designing a work day that suits their circumstances.

In addition, for those who are not active users of the policy, it has afforded them options and peace of mind ‘should something happen’ and they require flexibility.

To ensure unequivocal support of the policy, I sat down with my line managers and we agreed together that each and every time a person asked about taking advantage of Yes Flex, we would say Yes emphatically and then figure out how to accommodate this later. To date, there hasn’t been a single instance where we weren’t able to do so. It’s become business as usual!

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