FWDay2018: How Medibank FlexBetter allows me to be the present husband and father my family deserves

Achieving work-life balance is not an easy feat. However for Mitchell Hickman, as a brand new dad, finding that happy medium allows him to be the best parent and employee he can be. Mitchell Hickman works in Digital Sales at ahm. He first began his career with ahm five years ago when he felt the company he was previously working...Read More »

Achieving work-life balance is not an easy feat. However for Mitchell Hickman, as  a brand new dad, finding that happy medium allows him to be the best parent and employee he can be.

“She just loved it and even during my interview, I could understand why. I saw employees relaxed and not afraid to have a laugh with customers. I could see that it was a happy place to work. I just I wanted to be a part of it.”

Mitchell filming a wedding

Mitchell’s side passion as a videographer.

Mitchell started off on the phones in the sales team before dipping his toes into doing procative, outbound calls to customers. After trying something new, he made the decision to return to sales, as this is where he felt more passionate and motivated. Returning to the sales team, he split his time between phone and web chat, eventually focusing solely on web chat.

Having transitioned completely to this role means that Mitchell is able to work from home full-time and this is something that, he says, helps him achieve work-life balance. Medibank and ahm’s FlexBetter offers employees a variety of flexible working options, which employees can use to their advantage depending on their individual needs.

“FlexBetter acknowledges that although we have jobs to do, we are still people who also have lives to live. For instance, the fact that I have the opportunity to work from home means I can also support my wife Camelia with our new baby. That’s why I love working with ahm, as employees, the company really does look after us.”

Mitchell with his wife and new baby on the beach

Mitchell with his family.

Mitchell says that since the introduction of FlexBetter, he has noticed a huge difference not only in his life but also in the way his colleagues are.

“Everyone just seems a whole lot happier in their work-life situation. Although FlexBetter is on offer to everyone and not just those with children, it’s proving to be very beneficial to those who do have kids. We can still be the best parents we can be without necessarily giving less to our jobs.”

The offering of the FlexBetter suite shows the significant focus that Medibank and ahm have on health and wellbeing, for both customers and employees. This is something that Mitchell says he has noticed more and more.

“On television, for example, I see a lot of health fund ads that focus on costs and prices, which is fine and informative but when Medibank and ahm ads come on, it’s a different story. Our ads show the significance of health and wellbeing and our focus on our customers’ health journeys. We’re not just here to be insurance providers, we’re here to effectively help people with their wellbeing.”

Mitchell and friend with motorbikes

Mitchell makes time to focus on his own wellbeing – such as visiting the farm with friends.

FlexBetter not only allows Mitchell to balance his family life with his professional life, but it also allows him to step back and give himself the time he needs for his own wellbeing.

“I have the chance to take rostered breaks, which allows me to go for walks and take a breath, which helps me to stay mindful of my health and wellbeing. It’s the best type of balance.”

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