FWDay2018 – “Flexible work is a ‘must’ on any career roadmap” says FlexCoach Debra Close

Throughout the month of June, FlexCareers is celebrating the amazing work of our FlexCoahes in helping our community and embracing #workplaceflexibility. Over the next few weeks, you will be able to read about their flexible journey's and why 'Flex' matters.


I’m FlexCoach Debra Close.

I help mothers build their roadmaps to do work and live a life they love. Many mums find their jobs just aren’t working with the rest of their life. They’re often too busy to plan their futures and they just don’t know where to start. One thing they do know is that they want work that is flexible.

I’ve been there. Having a corporate career for many years in marketing for blue chip companies, I found I didn’t have the balance I wanted. I knew it was time to recraft my life. Fast forward to the present and I am now working flexibly and doing work I’m passionate about that doesn’t compromise my family, lifestyle or financial security.

Employers need to acknowledge that high performing workplaces rely on women thriving not only at work but also in their lives as a whole. This will no doubt include supporting more flexible work practices for mothers.

In the end, these arrangements are rewarded in spades. Working mothers get on with the job! They need to be and are efficient and productive. They reward flexibility with loyalty to the organisation. Flexible workers can create a positive ripple effect on the culture of the entire organisation!

Let’s celebrate Flexible Work Day, the huge progress we’ve made as a country, and the flexibility yet to come. Thanks, FlexCareers for playing a vital role in advocating for and facilitating flexible jobs in Australia and New Zealand!


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