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Getting to know FlexCoach Casey Ball

Meet Casey, a FlexCoach ready to take your future career to the next level. She will help you feel empowered and help you find purpose and joy in every day. If you want help understanding the values that lie at your heart of empowering meaningful change and making authentic choices, Casey is the coach for you.

FlexCareers is passionate about supporting our employer partners and our community to be the best that they can be.  We offer a range of training and coaching services in areas such as career transition and outplacement, parental leave, return to work, managing flexibly, interview skills, leadership and management, positive psychology, and diversity & inclusion – to name a few.

In this series, we introduce you to our panel of FlexCoaches, each who offer a complimentary 30-minute chemistry session to our community.

Casey, tell us about your career history?

My initial career vision was to work in advertising, thank goodness I never went down that path as it would never have suited my core values and character strengths! Instead, while studying for my Commerce degree at the University of WA, I started working part-time with a management consulting company as a Research Analyst. This transitioned into full-time employment when I graduated. A brief stint as a Marketing Coordinator followed before I moved to Oxford, England and started working for a global Market Research company, running mystery shopping programs primarily for government, not-for-profit and tourism organisations. This role was challenging and I loved juggling the multiple demands, all my strengths were being utilised and developed and I was giving back to the community, helping improve the service given to people from government organisations. It was also rewarding, working my way up to managing a team of people.

Fast forward to moving back to WA and after time off, spending a year in a job that was draining, both mentally and emotionally, I was too tired to do anything once I got home. This role taught me the importance of my values aligning with the lived values of the organisation I worked for. It is exhausting when there is a values clash as you cannot bring your whole self to work.

I left this role without really knowing what I wanted to do next, except that I wanted to learn more. I decided to do further study in Business Leadership and the opportunity arose to work as an Organisational Development Consultant at Curtin University. This was a fabulous role where I grew both personally and professionally. I realised that my true passion lay in helping people to learn, grow and connect with their authentic selves. I find that this brings the most joy to every day.

What was your motivation to become a coach?

Life experience has taught me that our lives are short, and every day is precious. Experiencing these truths has shaped who I am as a person and is why having a career that aligns with my values is so important to me. My purpose is to find joy in every day and help others do the same. Coaching is a powerful way of doing this and I love seeing the changes in my clients as they begin to make career and life choices that actually suit them and their current life needs. There is a positive impact on the way they feel about themselves which is truly rewarding to see. This impact has a ripple effect. By helping my clients uncover their options and then take action, they realise their true potential, feel happier in themselves and inspire others around them.

Do you have any particular areas of coaching expertise?

I have over a decade of experience in career and performance coaching, business consulting, leadership and development roles. Having worked in diverse industries, I have a solid understanding of the organisational environment my clients operate in.

I am certified in organisational coaching, values-based transformation and emotional intelligence and use these principles when working with clients. I utilise a values-based coaching approach, which recognises that understanding one’s values lies at the heart of empowering meaningful change and making authentic choices.

My expertise includes helping clients to achieve purposeful careers, which take into consideration their values, strengths, preferred skills and needs in life.

I also have expertise in leadership coaching, empowering leaders to discover and embrace their authentic style, make values-based decisions and enhance their positive impact.

What do you love most about coaching?

That it is empowering for the individual and a partnership. The best bit is when you help to facilitate that ‘light bulb’ moment – they discover the way forward for themselves or have a realisation that removes a barrier that has been getting in the way. This results in the ‘I’ve got this’ mindset shift, the confidence and assurance to take action.

Coaching has an impact that transitions the length of the coaching relationship and continues to have benefits past the immediate goal the client wished to focus on.

“Procrastination had become my middle name. I engaged Casey to help pull me out of the rut. Through goal setting and accountability, Casey helped me align my personal values and strengths to my career aspirations which inspired me to reconnect with the motivation within. Thanks, Casey what an enlightening experience.”

Dawn N.

How do you define success?

Understanding and embracing your authentic self and living in a way that aligns with your purpose. For me, finding joy in every day and helping others do the same. I believe joy is being able to be your whole self in whatever you are doing, finding happiness and fulfilment in both the small and big moments. It is having the knowledge and strength to make choices that work for you, following your internal compass to realise your goals.

What is your vision for women in the workplace?

That women are confident in knowing what they want out of their careers and that they can achieve it. They feel empowered to make choices that make working work for them, and what their life needs are. There is a feeling of fulfilment and being valued across both work and home lives.

How do you define ‘flexibility’?

Flexibility is knowing what you need in life and the direction you are heading, but not being rigid about the path that is followed to achieve it.  You are able to adapt to your surroundings and remain open to changes. In the context of the workplace, it is about organisations seeing the value in you and allowing you to manage the achievement of your objectives in a way that meets the needs of both. When you can be fully present at work, you are the most effective. And the times you can be fully present and focused might be outside of the norm.


About Casey

Casey is a leadership and career coach and business consultant with over a decade of international experience. Specialising in leadership and career coaching, organisational culture, customer and staff satisfaction and engagement. Her experience covers a wide range of sectors including education, not-for-profit, government, information technology, tourism and financial services. Casey utilises a values-based coaching approach to empower you to: Define your personal vision, make decisions in line with your internal compass – purpose, needs, values, motivations and character strengths and recognise and seek out the right opportunities to get you to where you want to be among others. Casey is a member of the International Coaching Federation and a Certified Organisational Coach (Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership). Coaching is available online or face-to-face in Perth, WA.


Connect with Casey here and book a free chemistry session, alternatively find out more on our site.


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