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Nestle increases paid parental leave provisions to further support parents and families.

Businesses around Australia are supporting working parents through targeted strategies that can reduce business costs related to recruitment, retraining and restructures, widen the talent pool, increase organisational productivity and performance and improve organisational reputation. In the Australian jobs market today, approx. 4.1 million (38.2%) employees are either parents of a child under 15 years or have caring...Read More »

A key driving force for FlexCareers is to partner with progressive employers that are committed to supporting employees to live their best lives whilst reaching their full career potential.

As such, we are very excited to share the news our employer partner Nestle has made a significant change to how they support parents and families, and now offers primary carers access to full pay, including superannuation payments, for up to 14 weeks of parental leave.

We can all acknowledge that, with such a significant sector of the workforce taking on the dual function of worker and carer, it is imperative that organisations create a harmonious working environment and ensure their employees feel valued and supported.

In boosting their parental leave support and extending their parental leave inclusions, Nestle are helping and enabling their people to play active, equal roles in supporting their families.

In addition, Nestlé has also established an internal platform for their employees that includes helpful information and guidance to help support them throughout their parental leave journey.

Nestlé Oceania Human Resources Director, Biplab Baksi says, “I’m really proud of this initiative – it is a true demonstration of our commitment to diversity and inclusion and supporting all parents in our workplace.”

For more information on what it’s like to work at Nestlé, and find out more about how you can grow your career with one of the world’ most iconic brands you can visit their employer page on FlexCareers here  – there’s more to life at Nestlé.


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